Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shaq traded to Phoenix Suns

I have been a die hard Suns fan for about 20 years now. My older brother got me hooked on the Suns when I was a little kid, been gung ho ever since. Around my office desk I have purple and orange christmas lights up. My living room at home has Suns memorabilia scattered about. The past 3 seasons have been some of the most heart breaking ever. The Suns ranked the best, if not in the top 3 best teams in the league, getting so incredibly close to snagging their first NBA Championship, but always falling just short. Injuries, or screw jobs, always got in the way. Something had to be done.

Yesterday something was done, something about 7 feet tall and 325 pounds was done. Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks were packed up and shipped out in exchange for Steel, or Kazaam, or Shaq Daddy, or Diesel, or Shaq Attack. Shaquille O Neal arrived in Phoenix yesterday, had his physical, and was signed and officially traded to the Phoenix Suns. I for one am very, very happy with this move, many other Suns fans though, are not. Because they're idiots.

Every year, the Suns are eliminated from the Playoffs. And every year, Suns fans all over say the same thing. "We need a decent center already!" or "We need a big man in the middle!" For the Suns have never ever had a decent center. Well yesterday we got a big man, a center. In fact you don't get much bigger than Shaq. And people now complain about having a big man in the middle, how it's going to slow down our game. How it's going to change our game. Well, how many championships as our game won? None. So calm down people, we NEEDED change, something had to be done because by the looks of how things were going this season, no way would the Suns have won a championship.

Mark my words, if not this year, then next year for damn sure, the Suns will win the NBA Championship. And Shaq will be the key piece that gets us there.


  1. Yes, because Shaq is still such a dominant player.

    The Suns picked up a past his prime, out of shape, injured center who is enjoying what is now a ridiculously overpriced contract. I don't know if it will necessarily hurt the team because they do need a center, but Shaq is not going to cause any significant improvement.

  2. I bet you also though the Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl too. And that Brock Lesnar was going to beat Frank Mir too?