Sunday, February 10, 2008's Top 10 All Time Posts!

Seems like just last week we kicked off this entertainment blogged called "Ultra Entertainment" that morphed into what is now "" Now that we're rapidly approaching 600 posts, and are seen by thousands of people each week, I took some time to look back at some of the top posts that helped bring us where we are today. I've narrowed the list down to 10 which have either brought us a ton of traffic, stirred up some controversy, or was just a well done blog that should be recognized. These are only loosely in order, as some (especially the top 2, which either one could be THE top post) can arguably be higher or lower on the list depending on how you look at it, but none the less, here is the list of's top 10 posts of all time!

10. A Word on - Ah yes, the day we launched the new domain,, our own Random Villain gave a few words on the gay entertainment site,, and started a nice little fight in the comments with some of Perez's closest boyfriends, a good time was had.

9. Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash Comic Book Art! - Random Villain filled us in on the whole story on the proposed Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash movie, which was set to be the sequel to Freddy vs. Jason, which didn't work out, but did make it to comic book form! This post looks at the comic, and got us a lot of attention from various other blogs, who linked to this post and shared with their readers as well.

8. John Chow, his site, my thoughts. - is reviewed here by Random Villain, who gives his ALWAYS honest opinion, and generates some lovely comments from John Chow readers, which of course delivered some lovely conversation in the comments. This post introduced John Chow readers to the greatness of!

7. Who Will Die First? Spears Lohan Death Watch 07 - Back in July of '07, it was unclear was the bigger mess, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. Well here we are months later, and we all know that while there is no answer to this question yet, Lindsay is uh, a LOT more healthy around now, but none the less, the death watch continues, with stars entering rehab left and right, and Amy Winehouse at one point heading down the same road Britney is....the death watch continues on, Mr. Villain may provide a sequel to this classic one day...

6. Ron Paul Bitchslaps "Campaign" Carl Cameron on Fox News SC Debate - G.C. covered Ron Paul's appearance on the South Carolina debate on Fox News, where Ron Paul punked out "Campaign" Carl Cameron. This post was a HUGE hit on Digg, bringing us tons of comments both on our site and on Digg, and the political fans raved over this post.

5. Kim Kardashian will be Decembers Playboy Covergirl! Here are the pics and video preview! - In the fall of 2007, Kim Kardashian was a mega hot topic at Her sex tape had been a big point of discussion, and now this post revealed Kim would be on the cover of Playboy, and included a video and preview pics of her shoot, which brought us some major traffic.

4. Ultra Entertainment's Hot 25! - Devon put together a list of the hot women, as voted by our staff, and compiled the top 25 hottest women in entertainment! The list generated mixed emotions, with everyone having their own picks of course. This idea may bring on future lists, such as this current top 10 post list. Check out the list of 25 smoking hot women once again in this classic post.

3. Ron Paul raises $2 million in Half a Day- Presidential Fundraising - This post is THE champion when it comes to traffic on Digg. 337 diggs, 49 comments, enough said. This post exploded on to Digg's political section, and brought enormous traffic, on the amazing story of Ron Paul raising 2 million bucks in a half day for his campaign.

2. Porn star Jennica St. Foxx the latest celeb in the N word scandal! - Wow, this post, which was reported for some humor, took on a life of it's own, and still to this day, is one of the, if not THE most visited post on! Jennica St. Foxx, who is only a character, gets NUMEROUS daily search hits for us, over 4 months after the original post. I believe some people think Jennica is a real porn star, and they're going crazy just trying to find ANY material on her...oh well, this post does deliver video of her, so keep on enjoying!

1. Danielle Harris from Rob Zombies Halloween... Naked, Nude, Tits and all! - Well here it is, the post that has battled the Jennica St. Foxx post for months for the top all time post on Before Rob Zombie's Halloween was released, stories ran rampant that Danielle Harris, who had also starred in Halloween 4 and 5, was not only cast for this movie, but went topless, and wow, once the news was confirmed, and Random Villain posted these pics, we were swarmed with Danielle Harris search hits from everywhere! And just we stated with the Jennica St. Foxx post, this Danielle Harris is still bringing in big numbers, over 6 MONTHS after the original post (Danielle Harris's boobs are ultra popular.) So being it is still performing and bringing in viewers, this post has earned the distinction of greatest all time post on!

There you have it, share your thoughts, re-visit the great posts from our past. I'm sure there are more out there some of you would have like to have seen, please, feel free to mention them and give your thoughts. Here's to hoping we'll get plenty more posts like these, and maybe one that can even crack the top 5 all time posts one day!

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