Monday, February 4, 2008

Screw Spiderman, time for a Venom Movie!!

That's right, Marvel is yet again going the way of the Hulk. After Hulk came out and sucked major balls, Marvel threw their arms in the air and said fuck it, let's just do a Hulk movie the right way and forget this Ang Lee bullshit even happened. And now after Spiderman 3, which SHOULD have been heavy amounts of ass kicking pretty much exploded into a mass cloud of shit, Marvel is taking the character Venom and giving him his very own movie. Now since Marvel is smart, they have already signed agreements and deals with the WGA and can get to work on the script for this pronto. No word as to what the storyline may be, but I am sure like myself, you all have the same hopes that this movie will have a whole lot of "carnage".

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