Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why Don't People Realize that Brock Lesnar Sucks at Everything he Does?

It's official. Brock Lesnar sucks.. BAD. I don't understand why everyone was so excited about this guy. I remember hearing about UFC 81 and how excited everyone was about Brock Lesnar. Who? Yeah, the last I heard about this guy he was getting cut by the Vikings in the NFL.

Apparently, that's his "thing." He was once well known for his success winning fake wrestling matches in the WWE. Then he decided " Oh, I think I'm gonna play football in the NFL now." Apparently this guy though that being a 265ln knucklehead was all it took to play in the National Football League. Well he sucked there. He made an interesting story as a wreslter trying out a new career, but that's about it.

After he couldn't hack it in the NFL, I guess he needed another career to try. Since he probably doesn't take enough steroids to play baseball I guess he decided to be an "Ultimate Fighting Champion."

People everywhere were jacking it to brock Lesnar and his UFC 81 Gig. And everyone was predicting big things. Shit, Shoemoney called it the biggest lock of the year and said even though he doesn't want to encrouage gambling, this would be probably the safest bet in MMA. I hope not many of his idiot fans went out and put any money in this dude.

When Lesnar couldn't make the NFL, the team offered him a chance to play in NFL Europe. He turned it down. And here he goes again expecting to break into something new at the highest level possible without any real preparation. Perhaps if he really wants a career outside of fake wrestling, he needs to start on a lower level and take some lumps first.


  1. He sucks at everything he does?

    He tried collegiate wrestling and was a 4-time All-American and a national champion.

    He tried professional wrestling and because the champion and highest paid performer.

    So does he really suck at everything?

  2. Yes.

    Also, wtf are you saying with

    "He tried professional wrestling and because the champion and highest paid performer."

    because the champion?

  3. I think he meant became.......

  4. Well, he sucks at everything he has tried in his post WWE career.

  5. he truly sucks......doesnt deserve to be in the ring with randy, his best bet is going back to fake wrestling and pretending to be some kind of fake champ

  6. Ah ha ha ha now he's the UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION he beat that old ass overrated Coutoure into retirement where he belongs.