Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rock of Love 2 with Brett Michaels Episode 3 Review- huge Boobs and Bald rocker

We don't get to watch much TV as we are always busy doing the important stuff it takes to run a worldwide internet empire. But we love reading the blogs of our friends who take the time to Tivo and watch this smut.

We mentioned before that our friends over at the Reality Television Show Blog were apparently swamped with doing their own important stuff and wanted new writers. It looks like they got some!

Their first update in quite some time is a review of this Rock of Love 2 show on VH1. Apparently this is the second season of a "dating" show with the balding bandanna wearing ex/current "hair metal" lead singer of 80s band Poison. Apparently VH1 has found a 2nd load of groupies who want to Unskinny his Bop and give him Something t believe in.

According to the Review of Rock of Love 2 with Brett Michaels Episode 3 the show is all about HUGE boobs and an old ( old, as in, old like that old dude that Anna Nicoke Smith married) shriveled bald dude. It sounds like Flavor of love without all the classy ladies.

I don't think we are gonna watch any reality tv soon, but if that's your thing the reality Show Blog ( and VH1 especially) are probably worth checking out.

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