Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writers Strike OFFICIALLY officially over, wheres our shows?!

Well Devon reported a little too soon that the strike was over, as well as posting "rumored" return dates for shows, but today it is OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY over and all writers are already back to work on talk shows, movie scripts, TV shows, and all else. And CBS is wasting no time in getting back into gear. I am very pleased to see my favorite new series of the season, The Big Bang Theory, returning so soon. I am kinda sad to see the strike end, I was enjoying all the random weird reality shows we were getting, hopefully My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad will still be airing. Here is a list of whats coming back on CBS, when its coming back on CBS, and how many new episodes we get before the season ends, uh on CBS.

How I Met Your Mother, March 17, 9 episodes

The Big Bang Theory, March 17, 9 episodes

Two and a Half Men, March 17, 9 episodes

CSI: Miami, March 24, 8 episodes

Cold Case, March 30, 5 episodes

Criminal Minds, April 2, 7 episodes

CSI: NY, April 2, 7 episodes

CSI, April 3, 6 episodes

Without a Trace, April 3, 6 episodes

Ghost Whisperer, April 4, 6 episodes

Numb3rs, April 4, 6 episodes

NCIS, April 8, 7 episodes

Moonlight,"April 11, 4 episodes

Rules of Engagement, April 14, 6 episodes

And no word on when Shark will return, but when it does, expect 4 new episodes.

And for other networks, nothing official has come out, if you are wondering where Heroes fits into all of this, don't expect to see Sylar slicing anyones heads off until September.


  1. Uh, it was a list compiled by TVGuide, I'd call that a little more substantial than rumored, and it least it covered more than fucking CBS.

  2. Well lets see....

    Your list, has Big Bang Theory coming back April/May

    Mine, has an exact date.

    Now which seems more like some shit picked off from a rumor? A predicted month that was totally off, or an exact date?

    MY BLOGS BETTER THAN YOUR BLOG NYAH NYAAHHHHH well, you should be used to that fact by now.