Thursday, February 22, 2007

Burger, Fries, and VENGEANCE!!

A little back story....

Here at my work, I am usually the first or second person here, one of my co-workers, well call him, Stoner, for obvious reasons. Hes the guy that says dude and like in every sentence. Anyways........ Stoner gets here later than me....

Well this one week, for about 3 days of that week, Stoner parked on the driver side of my truck EXTREMELY close, I had to squeeze in, and even one time, had to get in through the passenger side door. It was then that I vowed, to one day have my vengeance, which after weeks of waiting, came today!

I come back from lunch, knowing hes going to lunch later, and finally, see an empty spot next to his car. I pull in as close as I possibly could, came into my office and sat and waited for him to leave. Lept from my chair like a boy on christmas morning ran to the window and watched him struggle to get into his car, oh, the glorious day had arrived and I jumped for joy.

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