Sunday, February 4, 2007

Don Swayze and Dawson will fix your computer and Slice You Up

So I watched the Super Bowl. Not much to say about that. I mean it was OK and the Colts won. I tend to leave the TV on and not pay too much attention or care to change the channel.

So after the Super Bowl, this show Criminal Minds comes on. Anyway, it's kinda fucked up. It's about killers of Se7en "sin" variety. You know, these people are rich and greedy, this woman is a whore, let's kill them for their sins.

The psycho killer is fucking "Dawson" James Van Der Beek. And his dad, shown in flashbacks BRANDING a cross into Dawson's forehead, is Don Swayze.

Don't ask me how this works, but Dawson, I mean "Raphael" is a computer support technician. When people call him for help, he establishes a remote connection with their machines, then he uses their own computers to monitor and tape them. When he sees a housewife fucking the handyman- well he goes and slices them up, feeds them to dogs, whatever.

This was more exciting than the Super Bowl.

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  1. Uh, yeah so I just searched "dawson will slice your ass up" and it brought me here! WOAHHHHHHZ.