Thursday, February 1, 2007

Britney vs K Fed

Ya know, for some stupid ass reason I am paying attention to this thing, I think its mainly due to the fact that I cant even go into the bathroom without hearing news about it. But Ill say this.

Im with K Fed. Fuck it, Im a K Fed fan. He did a hell of a job on WWE, was the best heel that damn company has had in years. He was on our local news channel this morning and he was up early, and working. And in the interview, he seemed like a cool normal laid back dude.

Why? Well it was obvious that once this shit went down, K Fed career was over, but no. Sure his rapping is shit and he cant rap to save a baby dolphin from being shot by a kid. But he has atleast realized that "hey, shes gone now, I gotta make my own money" So hes doing some acting gigs, apparently has the best super bowl commercial ever coming up making fun of himself, which I respect. If a dude like that can make an ass of himself and joke about how he sucks in front of the world, I dig it. And he probably made some very nice dough for his WWE gigs.

Britney is busy with Paris (see Paris bullshit below) and probably snorting coke, getting wasted in Vegas, whoring it up, throwing her vagina around, and just being really, dirty. Shes all fat and gross and just a just, sluttastic.

So one thing I ask alot when I see this shit....

What about her kids? The kids that K Fed implanted in her. See either way, its going to end bad for Britney. Either the courts will see that shes whoring it up while K Fed is working. And give the kids to him. Or, the courts will give them to Britney, and years down the road the kids will look back and hear about all this shit about when they were young and mommy and daddy split up, daddy was working his ass off while mommy was getting wasted and passing out. leaving them with a babysitter every night to go get trashed with Hilton. Then they will tell mommy to fuck off and go to daddy.

What do you think? Im with K Fed.

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  1. I don't really have an opinion on the K-Fed/Britney break up as I never even cared that they got married, Britney is an obvious dumbass who wants attention. But I will agree that K-Fed was the most entertaining bad guy WWE has seen in years. He went out there and proved himself, and if I was WWE I'd sign him and use him in some grand role....I'd be interested to see K-Fed as general manager on the hell out of boring ass Coachman!