Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Nintendo Wii: Going Wiitarded

X Box 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii....
A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to get a new console, I got NES, SNES, PS2, Gamecube, and even a fully working Intellevision. I needed something new. But which?

The Wii appealed more but I was worried about the game play. Moving the controllers to control whats going on in the game seemed annoying, X Box didnt impress me at all so I didnt see why the 360 would. And PS3 is awesome but way too expensive. So after weeks of thinking, I finally found, and bought, the Wii. What did I think?

Ive gone Wiitarded, I have coined this phrase, use it and you owe me a nickle.

Not a day goes by there I dont play some Wii. The sports game that came with it is great fun with some friends, the Warioware Smooth Moves game had to have been made by a game developer that was on something at the time. And Zelda is probably the most awesome stuff I have played in years. Sure PS3 and 360 look good and the graphics rule, but what else? Thats it! Ive played 360 games and PS3 games and its just the same ol shit. Just prettier looking. Nintendo is the one that has taken video gaming to the next level. Nintendo even said they were not concentrating on improving their graphics, but improving the experience and game play, and they succeded. So whats great? Whats not?

Virtual Console: Whats this? Well the Wii can connect to the internet, either plug it in, or if you got a router, youre all set because the Wii can go wireless. The VC is where you can go and buy old school games. For the NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, or Turbo GraFX. I have been looking everywhere for Kid Icarus for NES and recently it was released on the VC. All you got to do is by some points, then download the game you want. Not many are out now for this, but every Monday Nintendo releases 3 or 4 games for the VC for you to download.

The Controllers: Not as bad as I was expecting. In Zelda you really only do motion control if you want to slice at someone with your sword, or aim to shoot something with your bow/slingshot/boomerang. And if you are fishing, in which you use your controller exactly like you would a fishing rod, which is quite fun. With the sports game, its the same, playing tennis, just make the movements like you would playing tennis, same with boxing, bowling, and all else. I played Cars and the driving was fun, you steer the remote as you would a steering wheel. If you are going to play a VC game you either can use the Wii remote, or you have to buy a Wii Classic Controller. But the other cool thing is....

Gamecube Ready: The system takes Wii discs, and Gamecube discs. You can insert your Gamecube memory card, and you can even use the Gamecube controllers on the Wii system to play the Virtual Console games!

The Games: I have only got my hands on a couple so far, but I have not been let down. Zelda is freaking phenomenal and I always hate picking it up and playing for the sole reason that once I do I know I will spend a couple hours on it.

The Leisure: Sitting on the couch but dont want to get up to turn the Wii on? Its ok, you can turn the Wii on using the wireless controller and start playing. I love this feature. You can also turn the Wii back off after you are done.

Overall, if PS3 wasnt expensive, and the 360 had better games, I would still go with the Wii first. So many different options to do on it, you can even surf the internet, I was on MySpace the other day on my Wii. The Virtual Console is fantastic, I now have Kid Icarus thanks to it, as well as a couple other timeless classics. Even Mario Kart 64.

But on March 6th, the fun begins with Mario Party 8 comes out on the Wii, I cant wait to see what they did for this game for the Wii. It will indeed be a party.

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  1. Great review on the Wii. I think the ultimate feature here is the ability to play old school games. Sure the new games are awesome and fun as hell, but everyone wants to look back at the classic crappy looking nintendo games that were fun as hell when were 8 years old. This system is awesome being u can pack an entire library of classic games right here inside the console. Great run down Random Villain.