Friday, February 2, 2007

Irrelevant "Truth"- Suck it!, Al Gore!

At no other time has "Global Warming" been such a "hot" issue. Al Gore has a "documentary" about it. There have been meteorologists advocating that "deniers" ( WTF, this is the weather -not the Holocaust) be stripped of National Weather Service certification. The Delaware state climatologist and several scientists claim there is little proof that Man is directly responsible for Global Warming. Honestly it's hard to know who to believe, because almost everyone has a a political and financial stake in the issue.

One thing I DO KNOW: It's fucking COLD. My local weathr just said we expect the coldest temperatures in a LONG DAMN TIME. The forecast for Tuesday is a HIGH of 8 degrees and a low of -2. Tommorow we might top 11 degrees. At least it can be fun when it snows, but there is little snow to speak of. Just flurries and annoying ice.

All I'm saying is it's hard to talk about "warming" when people are freezing their asses off ( And no I don't live in Alaska or {insert cold place here}).

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