Friday, February 16, 2007

Random Villains Thoughts On Music Today


The following blog has many, many bad words. If you are sensitive about music and are easily offended, do not read because you will get your panties in a wad. These are the thoughts and opinions of Random Villain on todays music scene and other music as well.

Emo. What the fuck? Seriously everywhere I go I see bands like, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, AFI, and other bullshit. A bunch of fuckin soon to be has been fags. I would like for a fan of this type of music to tell me one really unique thing that makes these bands different from the others. Theyre all the same band, a trendy piece of shit that is here now and will be gone tomorrow. Its a SCENE, just like Boy Bands. A trend, something that morons think is cool now but will be gone later. I can not fucking stand these bands. The make up, the hair over their eye. And dont give me this HEY MAN LOTS OF ROCK BANDS WORE MAKE UP! Yes they did, but they also put out GOOD MUSIC. Seriously emo fucks cheer up, stop crying, stop bitching, stop whining about everything. You are popular now but some of you will hopefully soon commit suicide once your shitty careers are over. Want proof that these morons are not original and their own bands? Take a look below.... they even LOOK like the same fucking bands.

My Chemical Romance

Green Day

Green Day fucking blows. They do, seriously. Theyre in their god damn 30s and 40s and singing about the same shit they used to about how the world sucks and OMG IM LIKE AN AMERICAN IDIOT fucking blow me you douche bags. Your gimmick is retarded. Just like Blink 182, you know why they quit? Because someone finally said, hey guys youre hitting your 30s and youre still singing songs about how it sucks being grounded. Grow the fuck up and stop being whiney assholes.

Kurt Cobain fucking SUCKS. Ok? I got into an argument the other day over who was better, my idiot friend thinks Kurt Cobain is a musical genius and is a god while I said dude, Prince is way better. Im so sick of people saying KURT AND NIRVANA CHANGED MUSIC! No they didnt, bands JUST LIKE NIRVANA even from SEATTLE AS WELL! Were around too, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, both from Seattle, both the same type of music, and all were around at the same time. The ONLY reason, ONLY, reason, Nirvana is popular now is because Kurt was a whiney moron and was the original emo and shot himself. Want proof? Rolling Stone magazine gave Nirvanas Nevermind horrible reviews, once Kurt killed himself, Rolling Stone praise it as the best album ever. Proving Nirvana sucks, and Rolling Stone is full of morons. Kurt Cobain did nothing but have a few hits and then offed himself cause Courtney Love smells. Prince has been around for years, Prince revolutionized music, thus the name of his fucking band THE REVOLUTION. See the Super Bowl halftime shot? Do you think Kurt Whiney Bitch Cobain could have pulled off a show that awesome? I dont think so. He would have sat there, mumbled lyics like he always did, sang monotone, and then shot himself after the show was over. Sure, SOME Nirvana songs I like, but to call the shit CHANGING MUSIC! And saying Kurt CHANGED THE MUSIC SCENE FOREVER! is fucking retarded. Prince found Apollonia which put out SEX SHOOTER. Kurt found NOTHING.

My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, why dont you DANCE DANCE your way off a fucking cliff? Take all emo bands in the world with yout, you are all nothing, and are hot now, save your money because just like Boy Bands, I garauntee in a couple years when emo kids finish puberty and realize this isnt cool anymore, they will stop combing their hair over their eyes, painting their nails and will listen to GOOD music. This is why I have stopped listening to the radio all together. Thanks asshole for ruining music.

And here is something for all you Emo fags to watch and learn something!

On a final note.


  1. I agree, especially the Prince part. wow..

  2. Exactly, all these shitty bands sound the same, but when theres a Prince song on, you KNOW its Prince.

  3. I'll also throw my hat in on all this agreement. The Emo shit is gay as hell and the style of dress that goes along with it is even gayer. If my kid(girl or boy) was tryin to have these weird ass hair colors and black lipstick n shit, i'd be whipping their ass all the way back to their room. I believe bands like Kiss and artists like Prince revolutionized the idea of "Being different" in music, and thats why their still filling stadiums 30 years later, as opposed to, as Mr. Random Villain stated so well, these emo fags will be working at a fast food join in approximately 5 years or less!