Sunday, February 4, 2007

SuperBowl SuperBlog....or Maybe Just Some Reminiscing.

I've never really been BIG into football for any length of time apart from a few exciting times here and there. Not enough flash and excitement for me, pro wrestling has always been my number 1. But being it's Superbowl Sunday, I think back to times when i was a football fan for short periods. When the Dallas Cowboys were awesome to watch back in the 92-96 area, I was big into it. The Combo of Aikman, Smith, and especially Michael Irvin, and later Deion Sanders, my attention was grabbed especially by the latter 2 mentioned due to their extreme attitude and cockyness on the field. For some reason they reminded me of characters you'd see on a wrestling show rather than football. So as many people hated Irvin and Sanders, they were the ones drawing me in to watch football during the period and really want to follow things and play the Sega games, etc.

But as I look back, my first draw to football was in the mid 80's. At the same time I was getting into wrestling, and I loved anything or anybody that was involved or similar to wrestling. So when i first rented WrestleMania 2, aside from the big Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy cage match for the WWF title, my attention was also grabbed by the headline: "WWF vs. NFL Battle Royal." Wow, what a concept at the time, NFL players wrestling in a WWF ring. I was a huge fan of battle royals anyway, but being able to see the 300 pound now WWE Hall of Famer William "Refrigerator " Perry hit the ring and go at it with Big John Studd, was something that made me take a big interest in the Chicago Bears team. From that time until the Cowboys glory years hit, the Chicago Bears were my team based on the fact that the Fridge played for them. Jim Mcmahon was their QB at the time, and was probably looked at as a loud asshole at the time by sports purists, but he was another guy who's antics made me want to watch more Bears games.

So now, in honor of Superbowl Sunday, I give you a flashback to something that epitomizes the NFL vibe of the 80's...the one and only, Superbowl Shuffle!!! (Get up and do it, we know you want to!)

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