Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fascist Former Fatty Huckabee Copies Fundraising Star Ron Paul?

Earlier we posted the fantastic Mike Huckabee Family Christmas Card. Now I'm not going to make fun of the guy because he used to be fat. The problem is a lot of FORMER fat people ( or former alcoholics, drug users, other addicts) turn into major assholes once they lose the weight. Then they become the damn food and exercise police nanny-staters who want to control everyone's personal decisions.

A Mike Huckabee Christmas commercial has also caused some controversy since Druge referred to the inclusion of a "floating cross." See, in the background Huckabee has a white bookshelf. The way the bookshelf is framed in the shot it looks the a cross. Now I don't know if this was intentional or not, but the idea is Huckabee thinks of himself as the "most Christian" candidate.

Ron Paul ( the Republican candidate with a real story this week) was asked on Fox and Friends what he thought about the ad. He was SUPPOSED to be interviewed about HIS record breaking ( broke his own record for 1 day fundraising) $6 million one day haul on the December 16th Boston Tea Party anniversary. But they just had to ask about the sudden media darling Mike Huckabee. Ron Paul responded that "When fascism comes it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross"- a quote attributed to writer Sinclair Lewis. Ron Paul was quick to add that he didnt know if that was the case in this circumstance, but that he felt Huckabee was implying he was the only Christian running, and that he wouldnt be comfortable using the same tactics.

Personally I dont find anything controversial about that statement, as it is true. Fascist "leaders" and dictators of all stripes have often risen to power under the guise of religious virtue with a nationalistic "patriotic" agenda. If you don't know that, you need a history lesson. Ii'm not going to be the one to give it.

As far as Huckabee specifically, it is well known ( among people who read and reason, at least) that he has a lot of issues and seems like a big phoney flip-flopper. I don't think I will call hima fascist. That may be pushing it. But I certainly don't think he has the substance to be President. He is not a true conservative or even a compassionate anything. He is a big government Nanny who is running more for "President of Jesus" than president of the United States.

Ron Paul on the other hand is a Christian, but he realizes the proper role of religion as a private personal matter and respects the beliefs of others. He defended Mitt Romney at a time when Huckabee and others were attempting to portray Romney as a member of a "cult" that believes " Jesus is Satan's brother" among other things. Ron Paul doesnt pander to the people who believe the Earth is flat and was created in 6 days 6000 years. That's probably one of the main reasons he won't win the nomination.

One thing that is interesting in light of all the media support of Huckabee is Ron Paul's incredible fundraising ( and support from "the people" rather than the PACs and media) success. Over 100,000 individuals have donated to Ron Paul. In one day he had 25,000 new donors and raised $6 million. His previous one day "money bomb" on November 5 raised over $4.2 million. All this money has been raised by grassroots supporters with no input from Ron Paul. Individual supporters come up with these ideas and then execute them.

Mike Huckabee may have the support of the media, but Where Are the People? His actual support seems non-existent. At least they are not very passionate.

The Huckabee campaign has resorted to copying Ron Paul supporters. They have tried their own "money bombs." While Ron Paul Grassroots can raise $6 million in a day, Huck's Army struggles to raise $1 million in 3 months. They try, but there is just no support ( of computer literate people, anyway).

Yet the media's "polls" show Paul with almost no support as Huck is the "rising star." When Paul's success is mentioned, the story almost always adds "BUT, he is a longshot with little support in the polls." If the media is always saying someone has no support and can't win, aren't they the ones trying to make up our minds for us rather than just reporting the news? Then they go out of their way to menton Huckabee, a guy with more scandals than Bill Clinton and zero foreign policy experience. Of course the only way to know for sure is what happens at the actual ballot box. Paul's support may be under polled, but a lot of it depends on who gets out there and votes.

It is interesting that the 1 candidate the media and other "top tier candidates" have ignored or written off is the leading fundraiser and only one with visible passionate support. Now they are starting to copy him. In early debates, when Ron Paul mentioned The Constitution, the other guys sneered and snickered. Watch a debate now, and see how many mentions of the Constitution, limited government, and IRS are made. You will even see some softening of support for the Iraq War ( Paul's "thing" until recently was being the only 'anti-war" Republican).

So on a day when the media should have been talking about Ron Paul, they decided to focus on a Mike Huckabee "Merry Christmas" commercial. Where was the media when Ron Paul released HIS commercial around a week earlier? Did Huckabee copy it? I don't know, but they are both wearing red shirts and talking in front of book shelves. Both commercials also have the same basic theme of "Enough with the Politics. Happy Holidays." Yet for some reason the media decided Huck's ad was "unique" and a BIG DEAL.

Here is Paul's commercial:

Link to Mike Huckabee's:

Did he copy Paul? Did you see a "floating cross"? Should Mike Huckabee's son be in prison with Michael Vick? Who was the better Democratic governor of Arkansas, Huckabee or Clinton? Which family looks less in-bred? What do you think?

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