Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Name Is Bruce Trailer!

There is a movie coming next year, called The Dark Knight. Batman, The Joker, could you want more? The Dark Knight is my second most anticipated movie of 08. Why 2nd you ask? What is so bad ass and awesome that the likes of The Dark Knight fall to 2nd place? Two words for you friends...



My Name Is Bruce is probably the most awesome idea for a movie ever. In a tiny town the dead are returning, monsters are attacking, and people come up with an idea, "Hey! The guy from The Evil Dead movies lives just up the block! Maybe he can do something!?"

So watch the trailer fellow deadites. And be amazed.


  1. Coming soon to a DVD near you!

  2. Damn, I wish I still had the phone number for Captain Obvious. I need to call him and tell him hes out of the job, cause it looks like you are taking his position as the new king of NO SHIT.

  3. new batman trailer and three posters out at dark horizons.

  4. Thanks for the ass kissing Mr Anonymous guy but, I had to post the shitty cam version of TDK trailer. Cause well, its fuckin TDK.

    And to other anonymous retard that pointed out the shit about dark horizons. No fuckin shit its up at dark horizons. Its up on damn near every movie website as well. Devon.

  5. What's really funny is, this is the first time I've been on this site in like 3 weeks, and come to find you're accusing people of being me, just because they disagree with you.


  6. ROFL

    Riiiiiiiiiight fat boy.