Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh look! Adam Sandler in a whacky comedy! With Rob Schneider!

I am really just posting this because I wanna rant about how much Adam Sandler is NOT funny. Look, Billy Madison had some laughs, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy even, but then it was just fucking retarded. Every god damn movie has, Adam Sandler, being whacky and silly, and then we see Rob Schneider pop up, playing a whacky guy with some strange accent! Oh and recently, Sandler has started putting Nick Swarsdon in movies. Who? Exactly. Nick Swarsdon is pretty much in every piece of shit comedy in the world. When I am watching a shitty comedy, he will pop up in it and make it 10 times worse. I fucking hate him.

Sandler you suck, go back to making something good like Punch Drunk Love. Your shit isnt funny anymore. And tell Will Ferrell to knock it off with the retarded whacky sports guy movies too.

Click here for the trailer, I watched, and did not laugh once. And I will NOT be seeing it.

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