Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Random Villains Top 10 Movies Of 07

Well this list will be a bit of a change from other top movie lists. Most lists talk about No Country For Old Men, Juno, American Gangster, I'm Not There, 3:10 To Yuma, and a few others. Well, I haven't seen those damn movies yet, so they're not on this list. Anyways. here we go, starting with #10.

# 10 Disturbia
I was against this movie when I saw trailers for it. Rear Window is my 2nd favorite movie of all time. And all this seemed to be was a rip off of it. Well I saw a few interviews with it, and the film makers at least admited to Rear Window being a huge influence for this one, so they admit to ripping off Rear Window. Then I see Steven Speilberg was involved in it so thats always a plus. As well as me being a fan of Shia Lebouf. So when it came to DVD I said fuck it, and put it in and watched. I was not let down. This was a really good popcorn thriller that I had been craving to see. It had a few scares here and there. And I had a good time watching it.

# 9 Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
Not many people dug this movie. I loved it. I think the reason why so many were against it is SPOILER WARNING it didn't have the typical happy Disney ending. It had a dark ending. It was a dark movie. And it perfectly answered all questions, closed up all storylines and was a perfect ending to a trilogy, all while leaving the door wide open for a whole new trilogy to take place, which I hope happens.

# 8 Ratatouille
I didn't like Finding Nemo too much. And Cars was a little eh to me. Nothing has come close to the awesomeness of Toy Story of The Incredibles. But this came damn close. At first in the commercials I was kinda iffy on it, so I waited for DVD to come along before I watched it. And I loved it. And watching a Pixar movie on Blu Ray is an experience all its own.

# 7 Grindhouse
Most people liked Planet Terror over Death Proof. As for me, Death Proof was the superior movie. It seemed like Quentin really GOT what Grindhouse is, while Rodriguez just made a typical Rodriguez action movie with horror thrown into the mix. But they accomplished what they set out to do, which was make an awesome B movie double feature night for true fans. And I was entertained for the full 3 and a half hours.

# 6 300
This by far, had the greatest movie trailer in recent memory for it. No other movie trailer would make me want to run out of the room pick up a stick or chair and beat someones ass with it then hit the gym for 48 hours and grow a big beard and just yell all the time. I had a feeling this had the damn goods to be Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Well that was all from seeing the trailer. Then I saw the actual movie and realized it wouldn't happen. It was just a simple bad ass mother fuckers kickin the shit outta things that are bad movie. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.

# 5 Hot Fuzz
Shaun of the Dead was my favorite movie of 2004. So I was really pumped and ready for this bad boy to come out. And I was not let down at all. Edgar Wright can do no wrong in my eyes. Hot Fuzz is brilliant. A horror movie, thrown into an action movie, while at the same time spoofing action movies, while at the same time having a serious storyline to it.

# 4 Superbad
This is a comedy. People that put out shitfests like, Grandmas Boy, Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Shitty Movie, Whatever Movie need to take some notes on how real comedies are written and performed. This is one of those rare comedies that comes out that after viewing for the 10th time, it will still hold up and be just as funny.

# 3 Knocked Up
Took me a bit to try and figure out which was better, Superbad or Knocked Up. That was the argument of 07. Well Im going with Knocked Up. I love me a smarty, witty, funny comedy that is just about life. It was sweet while raunchy. It was how life is and how people act and talk. Judd Apatow can make awesome things happen when he is directing what he has written. And I hope more comes soon.

# 2 Transformers
I was a hardcore Transformers fan as a child. I had the toys, bedsheets, pajamas, posters, t shirts, lunchboxes. Every damn thing. When they announced this movie, I was so god damn excited I lost my mind, then Michael Bay was announced as director, and I wanted to weep. He has his moments, The Rock kicks ass, so does Bad Boys. But then theres Armageddon. Well word came that Steven Speilberg would also be heavily involved with the film, and that they were casting the original voice actor for Optimus Prime, and they were going to include the original transforming noise from the cartoon in the movie. And my geek heaven alarm went off. It has been a long, long time since I have sat in a movie theater watching a movie that made me feel like a kid again and wanna jump outta my chair and geek out. When we first see Optimus Prime, and the music hits, I almost did just that, but I remained calm. Till then I have been in Transformers heaven, watching it again on HD DVD was amazing. And I eagerly await the second movie and hope they can keep the magic.

# 1 Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon
This might have been released here and there last year, but it wasn't widely released to the general public until 07, so fuck it. This movie is tops of the year to me. I am a big horror movie fan. And lately, horror movies have been well, SHIT. The Saw movies are cool, but seriously, who watches those for anything besides to see how people are killed off? And then theres the PG-13 horror fuckshits that I don't even bother with. How the hell can you make a slasher movie and rate it PG-13? Fuck that. So I was hungry for an honest to god slasher movie that kept the old school vibe while bringing something all new to the table. And that is exactly what Leslie Vernon is. It is a new take on horror slashers. Something new, and fresh while also staying true to its roots. It does what I have often wondered. Does Michael Myers and Freddy and Jason all exist in the same world? Well yes. In this movie, Michael, Jason, Freddy, even Chucky are all legends in the slasher business, and Leslie Vernon idolizes them and decides he will be up in their ranks after this plans unfold. And to me, Leslie Vernon very much so deserves to be included with the likes of Myers, and Krueger. This movie has something for everyone, it has its laughs while also giving you scares. Now lets just hope that they keep true to the formula, and bring us part 2, with part 3 in 3D.

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