Monday, December 17, 2007

Review: I Am Legend

Will Smith. King of the "Boy sure looks awesome (sees movies) wow what a fuckin let down" has struck again, but this is probably the better of them all.

For those that don't think Will Smith can act, this mother fucker can ACT. The first 70 minutes of this movie are fantastic. But then shit just falls apart. What you see in the previews and trailer is pretty much what you would expect. Will Smith is alone in New York City, creatures hunt him every night, and he's trying to find a cure for what turned humans into these creatures. And its pretty great. Will has his dog, and the random mannequins he has set up that he talks to every day on his way to the video store to snag a DVD. While also hitting some golf balls off an air craft carrier. Then by the end of the movie you realize that, instead of calling it I Am Legend, it shoulda been called I Am Lacking Common Sense.

Such as, when he is being attacked, he fires off his machine gun he has, but never really managed to hit much (he is a Colonel in the military by the way) also, he has his machine gun, and a 9mm. If I was in his situation, I would have every type of gun I could find stored throughout my home base. Which, his home base, is his home with steel shutters. Why not move to the air craft carrier that is nothing BUT steel. Making it very hard for something to get in. Basically, this movie is full of, "why doesn't he just do that? Why doesn't he just do this?" You get frustrated watching it because you know if you were in his situation, you would be doing better off than him.

Basically, um, watch the first 70 minutes, get up and leave and come up with your own ending, cause the ending is pretty damn stupid at that. On top of it all, the CGI for the creatures is the worst I have ever seen. Holy fucking crap is it terrible. And the creatures aren't anything that Make Up couldn't create. Hollywood needs to get off this damn CGI mania shit, call up Stan Winston and say, Save us Stan. Create us more legendary creatures please?



  1. I agree with that Sam Winston part. I'm sick to fuck of CGI, but from Hollywood's standpoint, it's way cheaper than hiring a shit ton of extras to play hoards and hoards of mutated humans.

  2. STAN winston, not SAM. Fucks sake. And actually it is cheaper to hire extras. Those shitty visual effects are actually some of the most expensive stuff for the film makers to do.