Monday, July 30, 2007

God does not exist... if he does... he hates you.

Where do I come up with this? Well last night I am watching Shark Week, one of the best damn times of the year. And a documentary / story about the U.S.S. Indianapolis was on. And people are dying big time from sharks, salt water, losing their minds, and all sorts of very bad things and I got to thinking....

If God does indeed exist, and he created earth and all that is and all that happy horse shit. Then why would he put us, humans, the things he "apparently" cherishes and loves most, on a planet that is 70% full of something that will easily kill you in many different ways??

I mean the ocean is made up of salt water! The whole fucking ocean! And there is a lot of ocean out there. Now if you drink this salt water, you are screwed, big time. And if you are lost at sea, and you have no fresh water, and nothing but sea water, why would God do that to you?

On top of that, there is this shit!!!!
Now not only has God created something that takes up 70% of the earth in which we live, he decides to fill it full of these kind of creatures that just love to eat us!! What the hell kind of shit is that?!?

Anyways, in my opinion, if God really did exist and love us humans oh so much, he would have made the Ocean out of fresh, yummy, spring water that is salt free and easy to drink, and had happy Dolphins all over it, instead of giant fish that have thousands of teeth that rip body parts off.

Silly God. You're fired.

This is my new God. He would have never created such an insane planet to live on. Thanks for nothing God!

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