Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Triumphant Return.

To mark my return to Ultra Entertainment, I thought I'd embark on a series of rants, aptly named Plagues on America...


In life, there are few things more annoying than calling a customer service line, only to be greeted by someone who can barely speak clear English. For whatever reason you're calling, you've obviously had something go amiss with a purchase, or you've had a bad experience, and to call these lines to only be met by someone who won't A. understand your humor, B. understand sarcasm, C. understand any slang, can make for a very long and annoying call. Furthermore, in some instances, you can't even get through to a person, and you get stuck to talking to someone via a live chat, who go figure, is also not American....

I rest my case.


  1. I have cox... any time I needed a channel added, or any kind of change. I have had zero problems.

    Cox is 24 hours, you have to call the 24 hour phone number, not the normal office number.

    My conversations went like this...

    Hi, I would like to add Showtime.

    Ok can you verify address, last 4 of social, etc.

    Sure, (gives info)

    Ok do I have permission to access your account?

    You sure do.

    Ok and you would like to add the showtime tier?


    Ok that is all done for you anything else I can help you with?


    Thanks for choosing Cox have a nice day.

    Next time, dial the right number, and you wont have to deal with stupid shit. Ive been with cox for 2 years, had zero problems.

  2. I was dialing the 24/7 number, but for some reason every time I selected the option to add or change my service, I got the message. I finally had to go through tech support to get it done. I've never had a problem before, and they even admitted that it was an error in their phone system.

  3. So that makes your whole rant pointless. You complain about their customer support, but they even admit that there is a current problem with it that will be fixed soon. Which I can bet even as I type this, is already fixed and back to normal.

    If it was a problem every single time someone called, then yeah fuck them but, 1 little error they were having and were fixing, is not a "Plague On America"

    Its a "Temporary problem Cox is currently having with phone support."

    Worst, return, ever.

  4. What in the fuck is crapp foreign abu dabi customer service?

    Every customer service person I have talked to at Cox is American, speakers clear english, and has no problem fixing what I need fixed. I think you're just a fucktard and dont know how to dial a phone. And yes, I am ignorant, because I hate stupid pathetic people. Which you clearly are.

  5. So I've been reading these blogs off and on for awhile, this is by far the most retarded of them all. Why the hell does anyone care about you talking to customer service at a cable company? Do better.

  6. Ive never had to talk to a foreigner. Maybe you are the foreigner. Every customer service line Ive ever called, always been a clear english speaking person. Maybe they just dont speak queer so its hard for you to understand them.

  7. Just like your whole, pointless, blog.

  8. At least I'm posting stuff.

    Since that's what we're doing here. ;)

  9. Who gives a shit about profile views? You have such a high number, because A. you've been here twice as long as me, and B. people are curious to see if you're mentally retarded since every other line in one of your blogs is OMGORGAMSNDJHSJHD I love teh transformers the PWWWWNNNNS HHSHS.

    Gimme a break.

  10. Hey, whatever gets them reading, and it works. Unlike your blogs.

    See the Cable Channel shit blog up above, yeah I agree with you, but did I read it all? No, because after the first paragraph I already knew what the rest of the blog was going to be about, got bored and just stopped.

    If I gotta post and make people wonder if I am mentally retarded to get them to read, so be it. At least theyre reading my stuff. And not skimming through yours.