Monday, July 2, 2007

Transformers Eve

It is the Eve of the Transformers. Kind of, tonight at 8pm all over the movie will being screenings. 8pm, and Midnight. But tomorrow is the official release date, and tomorrow is when I will be going to see it.
So far, every review I have read has been positive, saying FINALLY Bay makes a good movie. FINALLY Bay didn't fuck something up. Well what 99% of the morons (ahem Newton) seem to fail to realize that this is not just a Bay movie. But a Spielberg movie as well. How many times has Bay let us down? Damn near every time he stepped behind the camera. But how many times has ol Steve let us down? Rarely ever, save for maybe Twister and Men In Black. But those two movies are nothing compared to all the rest he has given us, like The Goonies.

I have been watching the cartoons lately, have not seen them since I was a kid. And in Newtons hate filled Transformers post, I find even more facts that he got wrong. Where he says something along the lines of, the movie doesn't really resemble the cartoon at all. Well after watching the cartoons recently, I can see that, the movie actually does follow the cartoon pretty well. The human characters from the cartoon are in the movie, the fact that the Transformers can put a hollogram of a human looking like they're being driven by someone in the drivers seat, and a few other things I'll leave as a surprise.

So tomorrow is the big day, and of course I will be here with a review for it. Will it be good? Or will all my hopes and dreams be shattered with a shitty movie? We will see. As for what other people are saying, here are some quotes from reviews for, Transformers.

"Better than sex."

If it's true that there's an 8-year-old boy inside every man, Transformers is just the ticket to bring the kid out."

Transformers isn't just dorky, it's gloriously dorky."

All you can do is grin, shake your head and let Transformers steamroll you into having a blast."

Has Hell actually frozen over? Are pigs now taking to the sky? I only ask because Michael Bay has achieved the unthinkable: he's directed a crushingly entertaining movie."

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