Friday, July 27, 2007

I give you......The Joker! And The Dark Knight Teaser!

So all the fan fuck boys goin ape shit over shitty far away fuzy pics can now ograsm on their hands...... Here is the first official clear as day still from The Dark Knight featuring, The Joker getting ready to slice poor Maggies neck wide open.

As for the teaser trailer, well its out there in the world, only problem is its kind of a bitch to get too since everyone on the planet is invading it, so if you wanna give it a shot, you may find the teaser

Right Here!

Oh and if its a bitch to get to the site from there, right click, save as, enjoy. Or go HERE. And see that weird little box on the right thats flashin and shit next to the word HANDED? Click it.

Wanna see this pic bigger? Then click to enlarge!

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