Friday, July 27, 2007

Exclusive: "Cloverfield" Poster, Straight from Comic-Con!

Here's a first look at the poster for the still untitled "Cloverfield" project, straight from San Diego's Comic-Con!

The untitled Cloverfield project remains untitled.

Fans were hoping that director J.J. Abrams would release the name of the film that has created so much stir with its trailer, a grainy coming attraction that looks like The Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla on Independence Day. No one is even sure how it become the Cloverfield project.

Abrams wasn't saying much about the picture, which he is producing, though he did offer, "I had taken my son to Japan, and there were all these Godzilla dolls everywhere. I decided we needed our own monster. We're not showing any footage, but we're almost done shooting, and I think you'll love it. We aren't revealing a title today."


  1. Dude...did anyone know that if you go to the main site and shake the photos in the middleish it flips them over? cuz i havent heard anyone posting anything about that