Friday, June 29, 2007

Chris Benoit

Well I have kind of avoided this hot topic. I kinda figured D Money or someone would throw a blog about him up here but I guess Ill spill my thoughts on the whole matter.
I never was a huge fan, I mean he was awesome in the ring, and great wrestler, but beyond that. Not much else. He won the title at Mania, and celebrated with Eddie which was pretty awesome. But it was a Benoit match that finally twisted the dagger that was already stabbed in my wrestling fan heart. See I had been losing all interest in wrestling for a long while, the product was shit, it was boring, and it was just the same ol shit every week. Mostly due to John Cena. The man can't wrestle, can't cut a great promo, and is not entertaining. He is annoying and only appeals to people that don't know shit about wrestling, girls, or little kids. Then the time came a few weeks ago for a John Cena vs Chris Benoit match, which really peaked my interest. Because it was Chris Benoit, sure Cena can slide with making people like HHH and HBK and Kurt Angle tap out and lose, but this was Benoit. One of the few guys in the ring that if confronted on the street, would actually really kick the shit out of you. As apposed to people like say, Johnny Nitro who would probably have his ass kicked. Anyways the match came, I watched, and I saw, Chris Benoit, who people call "the greatest techincal wrestler ever" which I don't, tap out to John Cena. John Cena made Chris Benoit tap out, say that out loud to yourself.

After that match, I lost all interest, stopped watching WWE entirely, quit. Done, and over. Then McMahons death angle came along, and people were all kinds of mad for them making a death angle, big fucking deal, theyre the same people that call wrestling fake, and say its nothing but a TV show. Well, people die all the time on TV shows. Anyways, a couple weeks later the bombshell. Chris Benoit flies home for a family emergency, and next thing we know, he has killed his family, and himself.

This was probably the most shocking wrestling news ever heard, my immediate reaction was that this was all fake. Then more and more news came and it was real. Then of course, as always, news comes along that it was steroids. Retarded. It is the same news people that say, kids shoot up schools because of metal music and movies. Retarded. There is one thing, and one thing only, and it is called "crazy." Some people out there, are just so fucked in the head, that they seriously just go crazy. And thats what Im calling this Chris Benoit murders. He was a fuckin psycho. Sure, an argument, kills wife, it happens, not really crazy, or a psycho, but definatley fucked in the head. But when you can tie up a woman, no pun intended, and strangle her with a cord, and then go to a small childs room, and pin him down on a bed and place a bag over his head, and not just any child YOUR child. That makes you fuckin crazy. And when you go and place bibles next to the dead bodies, then send random text messages to friends, and hang yourself. That to me makes you a fuckin psycho.

Im sorry Chris Benoit is dead, I hoped he would have a decent run in ECW, even though to me, it was apparent he would be TNA bound like everyone else thats a big name and is sent to ECW. But to everyone saying OH HES WITH EDDIE NOW! REST IN PEACE! I hate to break it to ya, but Eddie is more than likely up in the clouds chillin with Andre. While Chris is in a bad place hanging out with Ted Bundy. RIP Nancy and Daniel.

Oh yeah, and to those saying Benoit was the best technical wrestler. Sorry but Bret Hart owns him.

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  1. On Monday Night I was actually planning on a tribute to Benoit here on the site, but I held off due to the uncertainty of the issue, and thankfully I did because all the RIP's turned into burn in Hell's. I've seen Benoit since around 1993, was always impressed with his wrestling throughout ECW and WCW, he had so many classics with so many people, and his feud with Kevin Sullivan was one of my favorite WCW memories, their match at Great American Bash was one of the first truly great "hardcore" matches to be seen on PPV. His WWE run was disapointing, he just wasnt used correctly and was presented too boring, but as Random said, always a top notch wrestling IN the ring. I guess i just have a hard time believing this still, in my head, he was on the level of Undertaker, HHH, HBK, Flair, JBL etc. as far as respect goes. One of the most highly regarded guys, who policed the locker rooms and kept shit in order. I guess u just never know how it really is in someones home life. I also believe Woman was one of the unique valets of her time. She was truly different, and although she's been overlooked, she was a great wrestling talent as well. This is still so crazy, but I agree, this was some form of mental problem, possibly due to numerous drugs and/or head damage that most all wrestlers endure. The guy just didn't use steroids that day and have a reaction like the media tries to say. But oh well, they'll always be on wrestlings ass for something, maybe if they got more educated on the subject they could actually report the facts instead of a bunch of B.S.