Saturday, June 23, 2007

Review: Ratatouille

Anyone that knows me, knows my love for Disney. Pixar is what is holding Disney cartoons together. Lately Disney has just been putting out nothing but terrible half assed cartoons, and direct to video sequels to their classics. Which were terrible as well. But every year or two, Pixar comes along and shows what Disney has to offer. Ratatouille is the new Pixar pic on the block. And it, like all others before, pleases and entertains me.

This ranks pretty high up there too, Cars, Finding Nemo, A Bugs Life were all good, but not as awesome as the likes of Toy Story and The Incredibles. Ratatouille ranks somewhere in between the two. I mean don't get me wrong, being in the middle of Toy Story and Finding Nemo is a great place to be. It just didn't have the awesome factor going for it that The Incredibles did.

Ratatouille is a story about a boy, and his rat. It seems to me that the writer and director, Brad Bird, basically rewrote the movie Willard into a kids cartoon. And hey it works! The rat loves to cook, and the boy has no idea how to, and he works in a kitchen of one of the most famous places to eat in Paris. One day the rat is cooking up and is caught by the boy, and all think the boy is responsible for cooking up this great meal, and now he is forced from being the garbage boy, to being a cook. Since he has no idea how to, he hides the rat inside of his huge chefs hat, and the rat basically controls the boy like a puppet, by tugging his hair, he is able to whip up the best tasting food in Paris. Of course there are other factors in the movie, Remys, the rats, family is against this, because they believe all humans are the enemy and want all rats dead. And of course the boys love interest, the fellow cook in the kitchen.

And of course, this plays out like you would expect it, people find out about the rat, boy and rat have a falling out, boy and girl have a falling out. There is the evil head chef, and the very picky and mean food critic that comes along. But it is still another great Pixar movie. Not as great as Brad Birds last movie, The Incredibles, which definatley needs a sequel. But this movie is definatley up there. I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars. I liked it alot more than Cars, and liked it alot more then Finding Nemo. And of course any kid in the world will go nuts for this movie, as well as adults. This is a pretty short review mainly because well, I am short on time, and also, its a Disney Pixar movie and you pretty much know what you are going to get when you go see it, which is greatness. And I highly recommend you to check this out if you are a Disney Pixar fan on June 29th.

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