Thursday, June 7, 2007

Whatever you do, Vote Blue

I just finished watching the Republican 2008 Presidential Debate and I'm amazed at how much these guys continue to prove to be dunderheaded buffoons. Who could honestly vote for any of these knuckleheads? The guys in the lead, Rudy, McCain and Romney really have nothing to offer. Their best lines are snipes at the Democrats, but even then they have little to offer. They scream "The Democrats have the wrong idea on how to turn the country around" and yet it's the Republicans who've been in control of the country for the past eight, long years.

Ron Paul made a interesting case for himself as the only GOP candidate who wanted to get out of Iraq and stop policing the world. Sadly he's not taken seriously. Mitt Romney spent the 2nd half of the debate rambling on about and I quote, "America is the future! We're the future! Future!" without ever really making a point or elaborating the thought. McCain basically said everything that Bush has done is right. We've terribly mismanaged the war, but let's stick with it as is. It's a shame we have 13 million illegal immigrants, but a quick fix is to just call them legal. John's turned into Bush v.2.0 and finally Rudy has nothing to say outside of: "This is a threat to national security, Hilary Clinton doesn't know what she's talking about". Which is his answer to everything.

Some other amusing notes about the lineup for the 08' race on the RNC side:

Several of the candidates don't believe in evolution. ("You won't make a monkey out of me!")

Huckabee and others declared that their goal in the White House would be to "preserve life" (IE: Outlaw abortion).

NONE of the candidates believe gays should be able to openly serve in the military. (Just keep it a secret, then you can die in our war, but if you admit to it, your a nuisance and can't die in our war.)

No one has a exit strategy for Iraq, their solution, sans Ron Paul, is to just stay there until it works. (Good one guys!)

John McCain supports a bill that won't put a fence on the border, but will grant free admission to the US and citizenship to any and all illegal immigrants. (Hola amigo! Here have my social security!)

Oh and one of them wants to ban LEGAL immigration. (This is our country, you will be assimilated and no one new will come in!)

I see now why Fred Thompson is being heralded as the supposed savior of the Republican 08' race. Unfortunately this is totally on the fact that he hasn't opened his mouth yet. Thompson at this point is just a name and a face, with no real credentials or history, no policies or plans. He's only trumpeted because these other candidates suck so bad. I could be the Republican 08' nominee too if I wasn't actually in the race and making idiotic comments like the current crop of front runners. The GOP is so overcome with the neo-cons, the religious right and the faux-patriotic that true conservatives have no place in the party.


  1. My suggestion on the border? Start a line, tell Mexcians that HEY GUYS, COME ON INTO AMERICA!

    And right when they get across the border, load them in a truck, hand them a gun, ship them to Iraq. Dump them in the desert, while using the same truck, to pull our troops out. Tell the Mexican this...

    "Here you go amigo, if you want to become a US Citizen, you must serve here in Iraq for 1 year. Do that, and you may come to America. Earn it bitch.

    No more US Soldiers dying, Iraq will look pretty because Mexicans will use downtime to use leaf blowers and lawn mowers there. And Mexicans wont sneak in anymore.

    Because I will also build a 100 foot wall along the US Mexico border with turrets every 100 yards and a moat full of sharks.

  2. Longtime Ron Paul fan, but I am a Libertarian. I am more of the anarcho-capitalist type though..not sure if I plan on voting again.

    Well, instead of shipping Mexicans to iraq- Get out of Iraq and have the troops work on the border issue. The primary purpose of the Military is DEFENSE. So insead of permanently patrolling overy other country, do some work defending this one.

    I have no problem with Immigration. Actually I think there is so much illegal immigration because there is not enough LEGAL Immigration. Too much redundant beauracracy,etc. Work on making legal immigration efficient. Let people in after criminal checks and heath screenings, etc. Make it an orderly system that makes sense and encourage legal immigrants.

    Are you aware that the stance of Tom Tancredo (and other anti-immigrant "know-nothings")is the same one that many people had against the Irish and Italian immigrants in the 1800s? If you have any Irish or Italian ancestry you are like the Mexicans of today. No one wanted the Irish and Italians ( especially Catholics) coming here "taking their jobs", wanting freedom of religion,etc.

    A lot of people also thought the Germans and Italians would never speak English...

    Like ROn Paul said, what people arent mentioning is that we shouldnt be making people scapegoats. When you subsidize something you encourage it. In other words, if you dislike immigration because of the drain on the social welfare system, then you should blame the bloated Leviathon of a Welfare State we have these days- not the immigrants. If you were them, you would probably do the same thing. People do what they have to do to care for their families. If we had moe of a free market ecnomy, with sensible immigration policies, less welfare dependency,etc- we wouldnt have an immigration "problem." Combine that wth a more sensible foreign policy and we'd have a lot less "bad guys" trying to cross the border. We would have freedom-lving people who want to become productive Americans.

  3. I agree with ya Greg C., but giving illegal immigrants a free pass to the US isn't the answer either. That plan would have basically opened the floodgates to illegal immigration while putting people who were going through the PROPER channels the shaft.

  4. Newton,

    Yeah I know. I think really the people who propose that are stuck in the situation of wanting to get something done, but being pragmatic. They are looking at it as no way in hell will they be able to deport 12-20 million ( or however many) people without causing major disruptions. So I guess the compromise is maybe only deport those with criminal records ( at least I hope violent criminals, at the least would be deported) other than immigration infractions.

    The answer is neither Open the Borders or Close the Borders ( in the Tancredo sense). Its somewhere in between with a policy that makes sense for both protecting the country and allowing peaceful people entry.

    The fact that whole issue has been ignored has just made the problem multiple to the point that it's impossible to really handle the illegal aliens already here without also hurting citizens.