Monday, June 4, 2007

Something to ease your minds....

So for those of you worried and saying Transformers is going to suck (ahem... Newton) here is a little tid bit to put you at ease. Steven Spielberg is the executive producer of Transformers, and let me take you on a little journey as I list some other movies that Steven Spielberg was the executive producer of.....

This list is not complete, of EVERYTHING he was the exec producer on, but more of some highlights....

The Goonies
Back To The Future 1 2 and 3
Harry And The Hendersons
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
The Land Before Time

Sure there are other movies, such as Men In Black, Twister, and The Haunting, but compared to the list above, I think we can forgive him for those.

So rest easy, Transformers was in good hands, and I think we will all be pleased.

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