Friday, June 8, 2007

They're Kidding Us, Right?


Paris Hilton is out of jail, serving a little over 3 days. She's been given the rest of her term at home, under House Arrest...

The Associated Press reports:

Paris Hilton can still party despite an electronic ankle bracelet that will be a constant reminder that someone is watching.

"House arrest is nothing," said Steve Cron, a criminal defense attorney unconnected to the case. "She can have friends over. She can party all night long."

Hilton, who was sprung from jail Thursday after serving just over three days of a 45-day sentence, will be limited for the remainder of the duration to roaming about 3,000 to 4,000 square feet, said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

The devices allow long distance surveillance by probation officials to keep track of the whereabouts of offenders, but the range should give her free reign in her gated 2,700-square-foot home.

"House arrest for someone like her who doesn't have to work and doesn't have to worry about picking up her clothes at the dry cleaner is not a problem," Cron said. "She can have all her food sent in."

So here's my take on it:

I say leave Paris alone and quit making her "Headline Material". I heard the newscasters on Fox News say that they were tired of seeing videos of Paris and/or pictures of Paris on every station, on every magazine and tabloid cover, and the topic of many radio show conversations. They said they wished she would just go away. Well, the interesting thing is, I don't think Paris is taking all those videos of herself, nor the mulitude of pictures from the constant "stalking" by paparrazi to get pictures of her wherever she goes. So, you see, it is the Media that keeps us up to date on what Paris is doing. Hey Fox News, if you'd stop maligning Paris, you might be able to report on some pertinent news for America. I think she's gone through enough over this DUI probation violation. And, yes, just because her family is wealthy, I think she was made an example of. I think most people out there are both jealous and envious of Paris, her money, and her socialite lifestyle. Afterall, America is full of "wannabes", and I think a lot of these people that are constantly complaining about her would like to "be her" for a day! So, leave Paris alone. Let her serve her time, whether it be in jail, or under house arrest with the "bracelet". And, yes, she lives in a mansion. Her family has made lots of money in the hotel business and other endeavors, so, it's just natural that she live in a mansion. Again, another case of "we'd all like to have our own mansion". So, Americans, gets a grip. Stop focusing on Paris and focus on the real problems in this world.

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