Thursday, June 28, 2007

The End Of An Era: R.I.P. Hilton Stories

Paris Hilton is nothing but a waste of fuckin air, human flesh, and space. I am sick to god damn death of hearing about her, listening to her, and so many people thinking the world really cares. Honestly, what in the flying fuck does Paris Hilton do for the world besides get drunk get high and fuck guys? NOTHING.

We have talked about this stupid bimbo slut bag for months. And I am officially announcing, that Ultra Entertainment, will never, ever post another Paris Hilton blog ever again save for ONE more time. The ONLY time you will see another blog about her, will be when we are celebrating her much, much needed death.

Paris Hilton was a fucking NO BODY, and then she made a sex tape, wow. Big fucking deal. Paris Hilton is such a piece of fucking dog shit and her vagina probably smells like a god damn circus tent AFTER the show is over. Paris Hilton is worthless, and when she dies, the world will celebrate.

The End.

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