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Random Villains Top 10 Favorite Movies Ever

Since my top 10 most anticipated list was a hit, I decided to go with this all new one. I present to you, Random Villains Top 10 Favorite Movies Of All Time.

Good ol Swingers. I had recently been dumped by my girlfriend of 3 years in 2000. Probably the roughest break up to date. Depressed, lonely, sad, miserable, till my friend came along and said. "Dude, watch Swingers, you will feel lots better." So I hopped in my 94 Dodge Shadow, drove down to the video store, Video Powerstore, which would later be my place of employment. Came home, threw on Swingers, sat in my chair and watched. 1 hour and 30 minutes later. I felt alot better, better than I had in months. Since then to any guy going through a break up, or just to anyone period looking to see why Vince Vaughn rules, I point them to Swingers and nobody ever regrets it.

Swingers clip
And another Swingers clip

When I was about 10 years old, my older brother came up to me one day and said. "Hey did you ever see The Evil Dead?" That sentence changed everything. That night, my mom brought home The Evil Dead. See when I was a kid, thankfully, my parents happened to own a small corner video store, which of course would later fall thanks to Blockbuster and Hollywood. So anytime I wanted to watch a movie, I just had to call her and ask her to bring it on home. So I sat in my Dads recliner, and my brother on the couch. And watched the movie that would change my life. After I saw The Evil Dead, I decided that I wanna get my friends over, and make movies right away. I showed them The Evil Dead, in which we rushed out and watched Evil Dead 2. A couple years later, Army of Darkness came out. The Evil Dead Trilogy is something I hold dear to me. Atleast once a year I watch them. On top of my TV sits an Ash figure, an Evil Dead lunchbox. Down the hallway is the Evil Dead posters. Any person on the planet would agree that The Evil Dead Trilogy is one of the greatest movie series of all time.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead 2
Army Of Darkness

When I was a kid, my mom showed me a movie called Harvey. I freakin loved Harvey, so of course, I looked for anything and everything related to it, which of course lead me to Rear Window, after I saw that, I needed anything and everything Hitchcock related to watch. And of course that brought me to Psycho. Now I had seen the Psycho house when I was a kid on many Tram Tours at universal. I knew all about the shower scene, I knew about the twist ending. But it still did not stop me from enjoying the hell out of this movie, and Mr Norman Bates. As you will probably tell from this list, horror movies are my favorite genre, a genre to me, that presently is almost extinct. Nobody does it like Hitchcock, no matter how much M. Night Shamalamaamdingdong tries to rip off.


I love me some Disney. I love me some Pixar. And when you put the two together, wow. I saw Toy Story opening day at the theater, nothing in the world looked like it to date. I always saw Disney movies in the theaters, but this one blew my mind out of the back of my skull. This is my favorite Disney movie ever made. The one damn line in it, that always makes me laugh, is when the kids are showing up to Andys birthday party, and one of the kids brings bedsheets, and Potato head says "Who invited that kid?" It had everything I wanted in a movie, and it was a cartoon! Kinda. To this day, anytime Im feeling down, got the blues, or what have you. I throw on Toy Story, and I am as happy as I can be, it is the cure all medicine for anyone with the blues.

Toy Story

Good fuckin god. Halloween. Every single year, in October, it is Halloween time. I watch Halloween 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Fuck part 3 in its ass, and part 8 was the biggest piece of shit ever. So fuck that one too. I saw this when I was a kid, Jason didn't scare me, Freddy didn't scare me. Myers was the original horror slasher. He had no weakness, no fear, nothing could ever stop him. And the scariest thing was he was a person. Not some demon like Freddy, not some weird retard kid that drowned in a lake like Jason. Myers was just a fucking lunatic that killed everything. And it seemed real, it felt like if I went outside, Myers, or someone like him, could be behind any tree watching me. And the other great thing about this movie? The fucking MUSIC! No music score in any movie ever gets my blood going like this one, sure there are alot of great movie THEMES, but I am talking about the entire Halloween score. Not just the theme. Just last weekend, me, my girlfriend, and my nephews went on a trip to LA, to Disneyland, Universal, and we just had to make one more stop... to Haddonfield. We went to the street where it was filmed, saw the sidewalk, the hardware store, and Myers house! It was amazing, I wish we had more time to walk around the place, so of course I will be making a return visit. This year, Rob Zombie is sadly, remaking Halloween. I fear the worst, but hey, its Myers, and he is in a new movie. So thats that, because John Carpenters Halloween will always be king of all slasher movies.


Clerks, and Pulp Fiction. Now I said above, that The Evil Dead changed my life by making me want to make movies in my backyard with my friends, which I did for many years. But there was one epic day back in 95 that really changed things. See at my parents video store, studios would send out screeners of their movies that they were getting ready to release on video. And one day we got a box in that contained Clerks, and Pulp Fiction. So that night I went home, and watched both of these movies. After seeing them, it was then that I decided that making movies in the backyard with my friends was not gonna be enough, I wanted to make movies for the world as a career. Clerks I could indentify with mainly because I worked in the video store with my parents, so I knew where Randall was coming from with dealing with moron customers, and of course, Jay and Silent Bob were great. Pulp Fiction, I had seen nothing like it in my entire life, nothing. Of course I was only 13 at the time, so it took me about 3 viewings to really understand what the hell was going on in it. But if it were not for these two movies, I don't know what the hell I would be up to these days.


Pulp Fiction

Now this is a list of my FAVORITE movies. meaning movies that changed my life, or had a major impact on me in one way or another, and they are movies that I can watch at least once a month, and never ever get tired of. But to me, Braveheart is on another list. As the greatest movie of all time. These top 3 movies are somewhat tied for first place. But Braveheart has everything anyone would ever want in a movie, love, action, comedy, drama, suspense. All of it. And of course the fact that I love me a good revenge story, and this is the mother of all revenge movies. This puts it up there.


Jimmy Stewart, my favorite actor. Alfred Hitchcock, my favorite director. Anyone that likes either of these people, and has never seen Rear Window, I urge you to watch it. This is one of the movies I show to everyone, and everyone loves it. I recently showed this to my 12 year old nephew who is now obsessed with this movie and watches it constantly. No movie in the history of all of them that I have watched, made me get up off the comfort of my chair, and seriously and literally make me sit on the edge of my chair, not blinking, holding my breath, in the last 15 minutes of the movie. This is by far, the greatest suspense movie ever made.

Rear Window

And finally, my absolute favorite movie of all time. A Clockwork Orange. This is the most fucked, weird, strangest, awesome, words can go on forever, movie ever made. To this day, no movie at all, is like it. Even though it is a very, very strange movie, the plot is very simple. Alex is a demented kid, breaking the law, who loves rape, ultra violence, and of course, Ludwig Van. And his droogies turn on him one night, and Alex gets locked in jail, where they are developing a treatment, and Alex gets a deal, they try their new treatment on him, and he can go a free man. The treatment makes Alex get physically sick when he tries to act violent, or gets thoughts of dirty deeds. So they release him back into the world, cured, where he ends up coming face to face with the victims of his past. In every movie I have ever shot, all my short films, there is always a tiny reference to Clockwork somewhere in them. Anyone and everyone should see this movie, especially for the brilliant ending. If you wonder what I mean by how bizarre and weird and insane this movie is, will just watch the trailer and see for yourself....

A Clockwork Orange

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