Thursday, June 28, 2007

More New Blog Partners...

Ultra Entertainment is experiencing one of our best months ever, with more great posts and traffic than we've ever seen. As we grow we are continuously partnering up with other great blogs to help get the word out and keep things moving. Today we have 3 new link exchange partners, they are: - This blog is a tax refund related blog, dealing with everything tax related, and is a great source of information on the subject. Also features a great list of other blogs that do link exchanges.

Enkay Blog is features numerous topics including technology, business, cars and reviews. It also features tips on growing and expanding your own blog. He will give you a free backlink if you review his blog. - This blog is Phillip Yong's Money Making Blog. He shares his own path to trying to earn money online with his blog, and the different things he is trying and programs he is using. He is giving away free backlinks if you review his blog.

Check out these great blogs, and if anyone else wants to exchange links, just use the contact e-mail on the right.

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