Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spice Girls back, alright!

Wait, maybe thats the wrong song, that shit was for the crappy turds known as Backstreet Boys. But anyways....

The Spice Girls are back. Confirmed today that they will be back for a world tour, a new album, and release of their greatest hits. Now I will admit, as should everyone. There was not a single person on this planet that didn't listen to atleast one Spice Girls song. I even got laid thanks to a Spice Girls song. That song, was 2 Become 1. In high school, back seat of my dodge shadow. Put that song on and I was in like flint. Hey this gives me an idea for a new blog....... I got laid alot in high school thanks to many songs...... BACK ON TOPIC. For me, besides 2 Become 1, the other song I dug was uhhh, Too Much? I think that was the name of the song. And there was another, but I don't remember the name, or any lyrics. Anyways. Admit you ya fuck, you listened to them. Now who was your SGILTF? (Spice Girl Id Like To Fuck) For me, I dug me some Sporty Spice. Anyways, here is the tour dates. So get ready, because honestly, I believe this... The Spice Girls are here to destroy emo music. I believe it in my heart. Godspeed Spice Girls, the world depends on you.

December 7 – Los Angeles
December 8 – Las Vegas
December 11 – New York City
December 15 – London
December 20 – Cologne
December 23 – Madrid

January 10 – Beijing
January 12 – Hong Kong
January 17 – Sydney
January 20 – Cape Town
January 24 – Buenos Aires

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