Friday, June 8, 2007

Close The Border Please

Alright, people gonna probably get pissed about this, but fuck em. The following does not concern every mexican on the planet. When I mention the word "Mexican" I am referring to the retard douche bag illegal fuckhead border jumping wastes of fuckin air. So, onward to the rant....

Ive put up with it for a long time. I live in Phoenix AZ, which is always destination one for Mexicans that jump the border, they have dumbed down the entire state, wasted my fuckin time, caused more than enough problems and are just plain fuckin annoying. And when you ask, what do you mean dumbed down the state and how can you blame Mexicans for this? Well a few months ago it was announced that school wise on tests, Arizona is the dumbest state in the country, while Maine is the smartest state. Now, think of which state is the closest to Mexico, and which one is the farthest. Duh.

So what triggered this rant? I mosey on into work this morning, with some DVDs in hand, see here at my office, while I work, I watch some movies on my portable DVD player. But one thing was odd this morning, my DVD player was GONE. Now usually here we play some jokes, me and my boss, we like to hide each others stuff. So I look around and then send him a message saying, hey I give up, wheres it at? And he says, wheres what? Well after some thinking and looking we realize that one of the janitors stole it, the power cord, the dvd player, gone. And the two things that are obvious about this, well in order to get into our office, you need a key card to swipe to unlock the door, and each card is assigned to one person. Well we checked with security and yep, janitors were last ones in here. On top of that, these stupid Mexican janitors were NEW, and just started yesterday. Worst, thiefs, ever. HEY WERE NEW! LETS STEAL SOME SHIT THEY WONT KNOW ITS US! See, the even more obvious reason why were the dumbest state in the country? Thanks Mexicans.

So now my DVD player is stolen, no DVDs to watch for me today, thanks to some dirty Mexican that I will probably kick the shit out of if I ever meet the person that did this. Cause those that no me well, know that you can fuck around and do alot of retarded shit to me and Im not gonna give a rats ass, but the one thing, that is certain to cause reason for me to beat your ass down, is never, ever, get between me and my movie watching. Thats on the same level as sleeping with another mans wife. If theyre still talking about building that huge wall, do it, put up some fuckin turrets, a moat with some sharks, and kill everything and anything that tries to cross the border. Thanks Mexicans, for making America an annoying and worthless place to live. Go blow some leaves, Im moving to Canada.


  1. Hes still looking into it. Our office is in a building so hes talking to the people that run the building and either A. I get my DVD Player back or B. They will be buying me a new DVD Player.

  2. Was told it was actually a fucking SECURITY guard that probably took it. Great shit we have here huh? Anyways company is buying me a new one, woot.