Friday, June 8, 2007

Review: Oceans 13

I love me some Oceans movies. The first one I worship. I got the soundtrack which is rocked frequently. And the movie is quoted freely. I have bits and pieces all memorized. I really love that movie alot. Along comes the 2nd movies. Sigh.... They tried to do something really different with it, and even though it was still somewhat cool and had a cool premise. It really fell flat and left a bitter taste in my mouth. Was not pleased, as much as I tried and tried to love it as much as the first, I only kinda liked it, for the main reason that it was an Oceans movie. Thankfully word comes of the third movie, and I hoped for the best, what did I get?

The best! As much as I love the first movie, I love this just as much, if not more. The plot is awesome, the twists and turns all perfect. And shit, it even has Super Dave in it!! Super Dave!! Gone is Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones. They sit this one out, and its explained very simple and easy in just a couple lines in the beginning of the movie. And they are not missed, this is the guys this time, doing what they do best. So whats this greatness about? Very mild spoilers abound.....

Reuben (Elliot Gould) has somewhat of a heart attack or so, after being extremely screwed over by Mr. Banks (Al Pacino) and is in a very deep depression. So like the trailer says, you cross one Ocean, you cross them all. So along comes the rest of the crew, ready to get some revenge for poor Reuben. Their plan? Not to get rich, as from all their schemes and robberies they are well off. For awhile. Their plan is to make Mr. Banks casino lose all its money from people winning, they have to rig the slots, the blackjack, the roulette, everything, all to win. They got alot they gotta take care of in order to accomplish this, and spend much money doing so, and when a big piece of equipment that is crucial to their plan, costing 36 million dollars. They run dry, and their hopes of revenge dim, until good ol Matt Damon comes along and has an idea, which they are not keen on. They go to the one man that they know has money, Terry Benedict(Andy Garcia). Well he hates them, for the obvious reasons, but he hates Mr. Banks even more, because he is competition and wants to see him fail miserably. So he joins the crew this time, but can he be trusted? This is the ultimate time for him to get his revenge on them from the first movie. There is many new things that are great in this movie, all the characters are given more play time, Scott Caan and Casey Affleck damn near steal the show with their tiny subplot involving a plant that makes dice down in Mexico, hilarious stuff. And of course a really nice shot at Brad Pitt from George Clooney, at the end of the movie. Just listen to the line about kids. You should get it. CoughAngelinaAdoptionMadnessCough.

I do not want to say too much, because I don't want to give anything away, but if you like the Oceans movies, or even if you loved the first but hated the second movie, you will like or love this. Or even if you didn't like the first two movies, you might just like this and it will change your mind. Of course this is a must, a big must! You really need to watch the first two movies to really get a feel and understanding for all these characters.

So, the big one. This is part three of the movies. There are so far, alot of part threes this year, we got Spidey 3, Pirates 3, Shrek 3, Oceans 3. So the big question people are asking, which is the best of the 4? I give you my list... In order from worst, to best....

4. Shrek 3
3. Spidey 3
2. Pirates 3.
and that only leaves...
1. Oceans Thirteen. The best of them all.

Go see this, do what I did, I had me an Oceansathon. Watched 11 last night, 12 earlier today, and capped it off with 13. I hope they bring it on with a 14, but I feel like this is it for them. And if so they ended it on a perfect note.

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