Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Review: Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

Do you like horror movies? I sure as shit do. And lately horror omvies have been exactly that. SHIT. Thankfully, along came Leslie Vernon to make my world right again. This movie makes the fact that, all horror movies, take place in the same universe. Jason, Freddy, Myers, Chucky, all exist in this universe. And they mention this fact, how so?

This movie is a fake, documentary, comedy, horror film. It is about a new madman on the block, Leslie Vernon, who has a big plan to make his mark next to Freddy Jason and Myers. The movie even starts off talking about Crystal Lake, Elm Street, and Haddonfield, and shows all three locations. So he hires a documentary film making team to document this moment. So the first half the movie, is basically a documentary. My favorite bit is showing him working out, talking about how hard it is to get in shape so he can keep up with everyone because hes walking while everyone else is running their asses off. And of course, when its the big night of his arrival, things go wrong and they stop filming the documentary, and thats where this turns into a great horror flick. Old school slasher style happenings.

Its been a long time since I watched a movie that instantly became classic in my eyes, that I had to run out, buy the soundtrack to, buy a copy of the DVD, look up reviews, and even find cast members on myspace. I found the man who plays Leslie Vernon on myspace, even shot him a little message basically saying, "hey man, just watched your flick, loved it, great job." And he even shot me a message back basically saying "Thanks dude! Glad you enjoyed it!" Of course he said more, and I said more, but thats not really the point. The point is if you dig horror flicks, and have for awhile, you will love the hell out of this movie. I wish I could go into more details on this but I wanna leave all of it as a surprise for you all. So here is the trailer, watch it, see its greatness, and go rent this movie, and if you got a spare 15 bucks, go buy it. You won't be sorry.

Trailer for the movie.

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