Wednesday, June 6, 2007

RV's Childhood Movie Flashback Episode 1

The Boy Who Could Fly

When I was a kid, I watched alot of movies. My parents owned a video store so I had access to loads of movies at any time. But it has since closed, gone are memories years ago. So thanks to the greatness of Blockbuster Online and Netflix, both of which I subscribe to, and yes there is a reason for this, I am reliving my childhood. So this is the first of many articles reminding you of some classic old school family flicks that you saw as a kid (if you grew up in the 80s that is, like me.)

So, the boy who could freakin fly, can he fly? That seems to be the big thing in the movie which is actually really damn good, and really damn depressing. It stars uh well, that one dude from the Not Quite Human movies, A chick I haven't really seen in much else, the lady that played Holly McClane in Die Hard 1 and 2. And of course, Fred Savage. Oh yeah, and Tootie from Facts Of Life is in it.

The family moves to a new house after the father/husband dies, and of course, times are hard. Fred Savage cant ride around the block without bullies kicking his ass, Holly McClane cant get adjusted to her new job, and Random Chick cant fit in at school, yep life has definatley gone to shit. To make things even more odd, the kid next door is apparently nuts, and his Uncle Herman Munster, no seriously, its him. Anyways, Random Chick befriends Crazy Kid and she tries to teach him things, crazy kids parents were killed in a plane crash, and ever since he pretends he is a plane, and never speaks to anyone, ever.

After trying for months she starts to get somewhere, and hes starting to respond to her, but there are weird things going on here and there, and clues are piling up that this kid that pretends he can fly, can in fact, fly. But every time we see that he can fly, it is either a dream, or someone just seeing things, and soon enough Random Chick that is dreaming and all, makes us think that maybe she is the one going nuts now.

This is a really depressing movie actually, I mean the family goes through all sorts of shit, Fred Savage is doing poor in school, Holly is losing her job and is getting demoted, Random Chick gets a concussion, and then the damn familys dog gets hit by a car!!! Good grief. But that is ok, because in the end, when the Nut House Security Dudes are chasing down Random Chick and Crazy Kid, and theyre stuck on the roof with no where to go, and theyre about to catch Crazy Kid and throw him back in the looney bin, BANG. Mother fucker flies. He jumps off the roof with Random Chick, people screaming their heads off thinkin theyre about to see death but instead see this kid soar over people, flying. And not only does he fly, someone passes him a damn basketball and he dunks it. Yay happy times! And then the dog comes back and hes going to be ok! And Fred Savage beats those bullies and rides his big wheel around the block! Yes, depressing as hell, but in the end, all is good and happy.

Random Trivia - Nick Castle the director, also directed Major Payne, The Last Starfighter and Dennis The Menace, and also wrote Escape From New York, and most importantly, played Michael Myers in Halloween.

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  1. I think I watched this once in Spanish class....dubbed in Spanish.