Thursday, May 31, 2007

So the law in CA is retarded.....

So every damn week there is atleast 1 or 2 damn stories about Lindsay Lohan going out to clubs and getting trashed. Shes had a drinking problem, gone to rehab for it, and continues to go out and get drunk and trashed at clubs and bars all over L.A.

So whats the problem? Well uh, she isn't 21. So why is nobody on the face of the planet bringing to light the real problem might be every club and bar in L.A. serving drinks to an underage girl? Isn't that a tad bit illegal?

Just wondering, cause I thought there was shit like that around, ya know, not being able to go into bars and get drinks unless you were 21. Because this is some bullshit, just because shes a slutty bitch that throws money around means she can drink illegally? I waited 21 damn years before I could get into a bar damnit, and not have to sneak off somewhere and drink with my friends. So hey, LAPD, how about you do your fuckin jobs already. God I wish Vic Mackey was real and there, he would show you how the fuck its done.


  1. I kind of agree with ya Dev lol. I do agree that they shouldn't allow her to the clubs if she is still underaged, but she probably bribed them with money or sex...either one she did it.

    And I guess like father like daughter.