Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Birth Of Random Villain

Alright kids, my nick name is Random Villain, obviously. But see I didn't give it to myself. I don't use it for just an internet name. It was earned and given to me by select friends. Because I love to be an ass, and random acts of doing so. And since Villains are bad guys. And I love doing random acts of bad guy villainous things. Thus came the name.... Random Villain.

What made this name come together? A simple little act. Usually I snag a lil Subway for lunch, and its next to a Starfucks. While walking by one day outside on the patio at a table was a group of yuppie scum. 3 dudes in suits talking like assholes. So while casually walking by I leaned over stuck my head in as far as I could in the middle of their conversation and said "BLAH BLAH BLAH! UGH!!!!!!!!!!" And smiled and left. Ruining their meal, their day, and hopefully their lives. Why? Because I like to make a lil impact on fuckos when I can. =)

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