Monday, May 7, 2007

First off...


This is the most idiotic piece of shit hermaphrodite idiot that has EVER been on TV. This is simply the most gay shit I've ever seen on fuckin TV. Every time I'm watching wrestling, I have to sit through this faggot ass doing his gay little dance. I hope he chokes on his berries and cream and dies. He obviously gets so aroused at the thought of berries and cream Starburst, that he undoubtedly goes home and shoves them up his ass for pleasure. Yes, that's right, this little troll dwarf faggot has sex with his starburst and loves berries and cream up his ass. If they wanted a REAL commercial, they should've hired the Iron Sheik to run in, slap the camel clutch on this bitch, fuck his ass n make him humble! And now, a lovely piece from the berries and cream fags legion of fans........
and oh yeah, FUCK THAT PIECE OF SHIT. The End.


  1. Best. Blog. Ever. You have made ME humble.

  2. I think its hilarious, since Tony did a spot talking about how much he LOVED that guy a couple weeks ago!!