Thursday, May 24, 2007

Review: Knocked Up

The Plot: Slobby Ben and up and coming career girl Alison meet at a bar, and end up having a one night stand. Eight weeks later, Ben is shocked when Alison meets him and reveals that she is pregnant. Despite having little in common, the two decide that they have to at least try to make some kind of relationship work for the baby's sake.

The Review: I loved this movie. So much in fact that is currently and easily my favorite movie of the year. Not by a shit load, but it is #1 so far in my book. Hot Fuzz and Death Proof were tops, but both movies had moments where it was dragging and slow. This movie never once did that. If I wasn't laughing my ass off then I was being entertained other wise. This is a real comedy. Makers of movies like Epic Movie and all those other pieces of shit need to take note and some lessons. This is one of those comedies where you actually care and give a damn about the characters involved in the flick. Seth Rogen is great and now one of my favorite actors. Judd Apatow is easily now one of my favorite directors/writers. Which I should have looked up on first. 12 years ago a movie came out that I loved and still do to this day called Heavyweights, about a kids fat camp that gets bought out by fitness freak played by Ben Stiller. I never watched Freaks and Geeks or Undeclared but I will definatley be renting them now. The acting, directing, editing, producing, catering, production assisting is all tops in this movie.

The 40 Year Old Virgin is awesome and very funny. But I feel this movie is far better. Judd Apatow writes characters unlike anyone else, never in a movie do you see characters act like real people. Mostly guys sitting around quoting and referring to other movies. Never see that. Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are the two funniest actors in comedy today, just watch the scene where they go to Vegas (yes, they even quote Swingers on their way to Vegas) and go and watch Cirque Du Soleil while on mushrooms. Or the back and forth about Doc Brown and the Deloreon. I would love to just go on and on about whats so great about this movie but honestly, I need not say a thing, the movie speaks for itself.

This movie has me even more pumped up and ready for Superbad. Which is written by Seth Rogen and stars some of the same actors from Knocked Up. So in conclusion I HIGHLY recommed this movie to anyone and everyone. Sadly it might possibly get buried since it comes out 1 week after Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 which will probably crush everything in its path for 2 - 3 weeks after its out. I dont mean sadly as in, Pirates 3 will suck, which it probably wont as I love the Pirate movies. Just mean sadly as in Knocked Up wont get the recognition it should get as a wonderful comedy and best movie of 07 so far.

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  1. With the hilarity of 40 Year Old Virgin, I'm sure this promises to keep me dying with laughter. Great review, my appetite is even wetter now.