Monday, May 7, 2007

Ultimate Warrior vs. Iron Sheik, the Dream Match Goes Down!

Well, until a couple of days ago, I never looked at the Ultimate Warrior vs. the Iron Sheik as much of a dream match, but to my surprise, this one was actually quite interesting, and sadly, it provided more entertainment than 3/4 of WWE TV. Goes to show that 2 legends, in any given environment, can give us a show that will grab our attention no matter the circumstance, as where WWE puts on the same boring crap with the same guys they shove down our throats on a weekly basis. This showdown took place at a convention that also featured autographs from Hulk Hogan, and Bruno Sammartino among others. Too bad we didn't get a Hulkamania run in on this little confrontation, that could've been classic. Well the video is here, and we pick up right after apparently the Iron Shiek attempted to shake the Ultimate Warriors hand, and Warrior turned him down, calling him a hypocrite for going around saying that Warrior was on drugs, and that Warrior was a lesbian. Would have been interesting to see who would have whooped who's ass in this situation, as Sheik in his glory days would've broken warriors leg in 9 places, but being Sheik is in his 70's, and Warrior still looks to be in pretty good shape, would have been interesting...oh well, at least some moron got bitch slapped! On to the footage.........

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