Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Seriously man, what the hell? Have you ever noticed, that sometimes, just sometimes, Milk tastes fucking GOOD. I mean like the best thing you have ever drank ever, just GOD DAMN THIS IS GOOD MILK! But other times, its just, eh this is milk, yup, thats about it, nothin special. This is just a Random Observance. How about you? Does a glass of milk sometimes taste better than others?


  1. It really does. There's times when I drink milk, and i'm all like "maaan, milk is nasty" and there's times when I drink milk, and I'm like "maaan milk is the fuckin most incredible drink ever"...those times usually see my milk accompanying waffles or pancakes, or with some chocolate syrup. Milk & Oreos = awesome. I could never understand how people could drink milk with dinner, especially if it's like spaghetti or something. Thats just nasty. Milk is meant to be drank with sweets and/or breakfasts.

  2. Even better if it's chocolate milk..

  3. Ill throw my hat in and agree as well. I had this problem in my younger days. Sometimes milk was great, other times tasted, sour or something. Well today i've figured out that milk is always good with cereal or anything sweet, but NEVER with normal food. Used to drink it with dinner, bad stuff. With any kind of sweet, your good to go.