Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blog #100 A look back, and todays Random Act Of Assholeness

My my my, look how far we have come. What hasn't this blog covered? We grow slowly, but we grow, and hopefully in another 100 blog posts will double our readers to 8!

So onward to Blog 100. Called "Todays Random Act Of Assholeness" by Me!

I was at the grocery store, putting groceries in my car. This nerdy pimple face douche bag comes out, with shitty flowers and I see him get his cell phone out and I hear him say. "Hey! You gonna be home later sweets? I got somethin for ya!"

He approaches since his car is parked next to mine. And when he is just close enough I yell out. "He got some cheap flowers for you! Don't let him over!"

Now he glares at me, and I mean GLARES. Probably the meanest glare ever. And this guy has to be the master of glares, because kicking ass is not his thing, he must have alteast been around 5'5" and weighing in at a grand total of 130. While I am at 6'1" and breaking in around 270. I would kill this kid.

And then, he did it. He seriously STOMPED HIS FOOT, and said on the phone. "Ill be by soon!" and hung up. I smiled and waved at him, he got in his shitty lime green mustang. And pulled out and drove off. =)

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  1. LMFAO!!! That just made my whole goddamn day.