Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs. Thanks Magic

I have been a DIE HARD Phoenix Suns fan since I was a wee little lad. atleast 20 years now. And this year, finally, after all the years of waiting and hoping, we are the best we have been, and have the best chance to FINALLY win a damn championship!!!

But, there is a problem, a pain in my game, a thorn in my side...

The Spurs.

The Spurs own our asses. They eliminate us from the playoffs all the time. They kick our asses, and as of right now, theyre up 1 - 0 in the series. And things are not looking good.

Many believe, the winner of this series will win the NBA Title, no other team in the league that is still in the playoffs can touch the Suns or the Spurs. So some can say that this is the REAL NBA Finals going on right now.

Game 1 was brutal, neither team lead by anymore than 6 the entire time. And right at the end, Suns down by 2 with a little over a minute to go, star player Steve Nash cuts his damn nose open! And cant return to the game in time!

Thanks Magic Johnson, ruin it for everyone. Magic just had to go get HIV and make the NBA change the rules that if a player is bleeding a bit, theyre not allowed on the court. If no rule existed, the Suns would have had a better chance at being the ones up 1 - 0. Not down.

So tonight is Game 2. If the Suns win this, there is still a chance, if they lose. This series is over, because there is no way my Suns can come back from being down 2 - 0 against the Spurs, any other team yeah, but the Spurs? Im scared. =(

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