Monday, May 21, 2007

Stu Jackson named NBA Playoff MVP

Can you believe this shit?

SAN ANTONIO - It comes as no surprise today that the NBA has named Stu Jackson as the NBA Playoff 2007 MVP. No roll has been more pivotal than his in this years playoffs. Greg Poppovich head coach of the Spurs says "We are honored to have Stu Jackson on our team, even though he wears no uniform or physically plays in the games, everyone knows that he is our star and to have him recognized as the MVP is a great honor for him, we are all proud."

Stu Jackson was named MVP after the major play he had against the Phoenix Suns. When it was obvious that they could take out the Spurs, Stu Jackson suspended Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw for Game 5, which is always the most important game of the year, in which the winner of Game 5 when tied 2 - 2 wins the series 86% of the time. The play which mentioned happened when Steve Nash was body checked into the scorers table and Amare and Boris went to check on him. Seeing this Stu Jackson immediatley called a suspension on them "for leaving the bench area". Which lead to their Game 5 absense and sealing the Suns fate. Many ask, "well they still would have lost even with Amare playing." We simply point to Game 2, when the Suns easily handled the Spurs in a 20 point victory, which would have been much of the same in Game 5, if Stu Jackson did not make the play of the year. Without Amare and Boris the Spurs still barely beat the Suns in Game 5.

Stu Jacksons revelation that he is a honorary San Antonio Spur came in Game 4 as well, when James Jones of the Suns got into a small scuffle with a Spurs player and Tim Duncan and Bruce Bowen came off the bench much like Amare and Boris did. Neither Duncan or Bowen were suspended for doing so. When asked why they were not suspended. Stu Jackson says "I did not see the it as a real incident." Even though the rule clearly states, incident happening or not, no player is allowed to leave the bench and step onto the court during the game. Even though when tape was reviewed, Boris Diaw never stepped onto the court. But thats why he is the MVP for the Playoffs and a key to the Spurs success. He can change rules, make excuses, and suspend and punish teams at will.

So we here in San Antonio are proud that Stu Jackson is named the Playoff MVP. And want to extend a congratulations to him.

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  1. What in the hell? Is this legit? Can it even be legit? What a proud moment, a team recognizes an MVP that basically helped them screw their way to championship. Woo for the champs!!!