Monday, May 14, 2007

Shame on Shamus!

Shame on you, Ryan Shamus! Shame on you for making the rest of us bloggers look like amateurs!!

In Ryan Shamus' blog, "Ryan Shamus Dot Com", Ryan talks to all of us about his quest to ultimately Make Money on the Internet. Currently, Ryan is hopping on the bandwagon of many bloggers before him, linking up with other Bloggers, to help spread the word about the Online Blogosphere and what we can all gain from it. Ryan's blog may not be the most entertaining blog on the net (that's what we're here for), but it is certainly informative. I found his musings on Blogs being a lot like Fish to be very interesting, and very original. I'm sure if you check out Ryan's blog, you'll find something that "hooks" you, and maybe...just'll be able to Make Money on the Internet as well.

I'm The Man - and that's what's UP.

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