Monday, May 14, 2007

Lay off of Michael Jackson

Im getting really sick of the Michael Jackson jokes. Why? Because it makes the entire world a hypocrite. How so you ask? Because from the fans, to the non fans, to the people that crack jokes, to the people that dont. EVERY fucking person on the face of this planet has rocked out, danced to, sang along to at least one Michael Jackson song in their lives. So shut the fuck up. For those that know his life story know hes fucked in the head, look at his childhood. It no wonder hes a lil off, a lil crazy, but that does not change the fact that he made all of us tap our foot at least once. And for those that want proof of all this. Not a single one of you can deny this one either, for the fans still out there, and for the assholes cracking the lame jokes about the man. I give you the one word that will make you all think and say, ya know, hes right, Michael Jackson is bad ass. And that one word?


No one in the world can deny that it is the most bad ass shit EVER.
And to further prove my point, I give you these.....

Still a douche bag and still crackin Michael Jackson jokes? Then I DARE you, I fuckin TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU. To find one person in this world that has not attempted to do this.....

He changed every single persons world. So fuck off Michael Jackson haters. Grow up, and moonwalk your ass on outta here. Youve been PWNED.

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  1. I think most people just have no lives, so if they hear about a controversy they jump ALL over it. Eh, who cares. Random is right about the guy obviously rockin out hundreds of songs that have topped the charts, and provided an era full of songs that are a step way above the rest. It's getting old when people just jump on the same old shit, he said she said, who cares, let the people involved figure it out.