Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I know who killed The Notorious B.I.G.

Thats right, I know. Shit its clear as fucking day....

I am going to keep this brief, because well the evidence speaks for itself.

Who had the most to gain over Biggie being killed and out of the picture? Who was always some background fuck head dancin around saying nothing more than, uh huh, yeah, haaa! yeah? Seriously, who?

This man...

No Puff Daddy, I am pointing the finger at YOU!

Think about it... Puff Daddy wanted everything that Biggie had, and he knew if Biggie was gone, he could get it. So he had him offed! And then he though...

Well shit, what can I do to make it look like I am not guilty... hmmmm. I know! I will write a song about him! And sing about how much I miss him! That will make me look guilt free!

But it just made him look even more guilty to me. Puff Daddy could not make a single hit without using Biggies ideas, lyrics, style, and even without using someone elses songs! And music! Even more proof that Puff Daddy had Biggie killed!!

Puff Daddy wanted what Biggie had, after his first album came out, immediately after Biggie died no how. He even changed his name! Diddy! Hmmm, lets see here... Biggie, Diddy, Biggie, Diddy. No not obvious at all Mr. Sean Combs.

So I am on to you Daddy, Diddy, P, Combs, Guilty!!!!!!!!!!!

And as for who killed 2 Pac? Well that answer is obvious... it was this man!

Think about it...

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