Monday, May 21, 2007

My turn.... Random Villains Transformers facts and corrections

After reading the blog below, most will fear and run away from this movie. Don't. I am basically just going to post here what I said in the comments below.

For one thing ol Newt claims to be a huge fan from the old days but, didn't really do any kind of reading and such on the new movie. I am a fan from the old days, and when this movie was announced, I paid close attention to it, read up on it, and did what I could to stay on top of things. So....

Newt said..."It's got the name, it's got some big robots, but is it really going to be anything remotely like Transformers?"
1. In the recent trailer we see Optimus Prime transforming and we faintly hear the old school cartoon noise made when they transform, which is all I needed to get me geeked up. Along with the fact that some of the original voices from the cartoon are doing this movie, such as Peter Cullen. Who was, and still is, the voice of Optimus Prime. The actor who voiced Megatron is dead, so he obviously couldn't make it to do the voice this movie.

Next said..."The other big problem is Michael Bay. "
2. True Armageddon Pearl Harboer and The Island were pieces of shit. But Michael Bay is not the only one behind this movie. Bay exec produced this movie but he directed this movie in the same way Tobe Hooper directed Poltergeist. For those uninformed on that movie. Steven Spielberg Exec Produced both movies under a very watchful eye. Nothing went forward without Spielbergs OK. So this is also a Spielberg movie.
This movie is basically rated R. Sure all previews show it as PG-13. But the story behind that is pretty simple. The MPAA gave Transformers an R rating. But Spielberg being Spielberg basically went to the MPAA and said, "No its going to be PG-13." And they made it PG-13 without having to make any edits or cuts. If anyone else was Exec Producing, cuts would have been made and it would have gotten watered down. And the last time Michael Bay gave us R Rated action movies, they were called The Rock, and Bad Boys. Both of which are awesome movies.

Newt said..."Tyrese is the only star attached to this and I think he was in one of those shitty car race movies. "
3. And so Tyrese is in this. And yes, 2 Fast 2 Furious sucked. But Tyrese was great in Four Brothers. And saying he is the only star in this movie is retarded because we have....

Emmy Award Winner Shia LaBeof who is a great actor and is currently kicking ass in the box office with the surprise hit Disturbia. He was also in Constantine, in which he was great in.

Academy Award Winner Jon Voight. Another great actor. Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy, Varsity Blues, Heat...

Emmy Award Winning Golden Globe Nominated John Turturro of Big Lebowski fame. Rounders, O Brother Where Art Thou, and more.

Screen Actors Guild Nominee Anthony Anderson who is a fuckin phenomenal actor who showed so in Season 4 of The Shield. As well as in The Departed.

I see in your funny lil pic the dude saying Who Am I? Thats Josh Duhamel, Emmy Award Winning Josh Duhamel who has came from being a soap opera star to being a pretty good actor in movies such as playing Tad Hamilton.

Oh yeah, and HUGE FUCKIN WEAVING. Agent Smith from The Matrix. V from V For Vendetta.

Basically, you have a cast of great actors lined up in this movie under the watchful eyes of Spielberg. I forgot that Tyrese was even in this movie until you mentioned him. But to say he is the only star over people like Hugo Weaving, John Turturro, and Jon Voight?

The main thing that showed me that Newt didn't know what the fuck he was talking about is when he said......
"Everything his name is attached to turns out to be standard action fare. His latest movies, The Island and The Amityville Horror were considered terrible."

Michael Bay didn't make The Amityville Horror........ Andrew Douglas did. All Bay did was provide funding. Its the same thing as when they were promoting Hostel and just because it said QUENTIN TARANTINO PRESENTS HOSTEL, everyone though it was a Tarantino movie. Eli Roth made Hostel.

So theres some facts about Transformers for you all that were scared after reading Newtons blog, and for Newton himself to read to get him caught up on the facts of this movie.


  1. It scares me that you got so geeked up that you had to reply an hour and a half after my original post.

    You read my post three times and then wronte FOUR responses to it? Clearly your a Transformers nerd. That's cool. It's you who'll be most upset not me. In those tons of times you read my piece you must have missed that I repeatedly said this was based purely on the TV promos for the movie. Not anything else.

    With that said, I fully expected people to be up in arms about this. I know that the net is in LOVE with this movie. Come July 6th, I'll say I told you so. Hopefully you are right and I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

    I wasn't aware that Shia was in the movie and he's a good actor. Voight and Turturro probably won't have 6 lines in the movie. Again, hope I'm wrong, but probably not.

    Still don't know who the guy is in the pic. Looks to me like some random actor. I'm sure he was in something, but going to IMDB and finding out people were nominated for Golden Globe doesn't really mean squat to me. Fun fact: Pretty much everyone in Hollywood has been nominated for something.

    You kinda missed my point in the post. I didn't go into depth about rumors, spoilers or anything else. I simply put up that there are 3 different trailers running on TV right now and they ALL make this movie look exactly as I described it.

    Why did I not know Voight was in this? I'm gonna guess because all I see in the promos is Tyrese and a buttload of unknown actors shooting guns.

    They have Optimus' voice. Godzilla had his voice too. So did Robot from Lost in Space. That didn't change the fact that the movies sucked.

    I'm certainly not hating on the movie just to hate on it. I've had plenty of experience with this. Hollywood takes a movie that's been wanting to be made for 20 years. Gets a big name director like Bay, Steven Spielberg slaps his name on it and a bunch of crap is produced. I've been burned too many times.

    The movie is rated PG-13 so sayeth you, which means it's PG-13. I'm sure it sounds cool to pretend it's R with the almighty power of Spielberg behind it, but if it's got a PG-13 label on it, it'll be a PG-13 movie. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Why would this movie need to be rated R? It's about robots fighting each other... Or at least it SHOULD be,

    I truly hope Transformers rocks, but everything I've seen about the movie seems to indicate major suckage. I guess we'll see in due time.

  2. Well for one it was an hour and a half because A. I was at work. and B. I do not check this blog every second of the day.

    And no, the net isn't in love with this movie. Mostly everything I have read about this movie from people on the net are exactly what you said.

    And sir, I didn't go on IMDB to look up their stats, I know them. Because I have a general knowledge of the entertainment business and movies, unlike you.

    And if you had clicked the link about the MPAA and its rating, you would have been taken to the original story.

    Basically your blog was just you saying, "I dont know much about this movie, but its going to suck."

    Which to me, sounds a little stupid. ;)

  3. Actually the best movie I can point you to is The Rock. I noticed you skipped that one and went to Bad Boys.

    And saying Voight is not a star, just shows that you really know fuck all about movies. And Crappy character actors? Say that to any real movie fan about John Turturro and theyll probably look at you like youre fucking retarded before smacking you in the head, hopefully putting a little sense in there as well.

    I didnt say the movie was good based of the sound. I said I was excited about the movie because it showed me that the director and producers got their shit right and are not forgetting about the origins all together. Stop trying to twist what I actually said so you can sound witty.

    And no moron, my blog is better because I read up on the source material, and knew what the fuck I was talking about in it. Unlike those that say, OH MAN THAT COMMERCIAL LOOKS STUPID, I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT THAT MOVIE, BUT ITS GOING TO SUCK! BLAH!!!!

    Go on and write about something you actually know about, Im done putting you in your place over this issue kid.

  4. Well, Jon Voight is a star, ever see Deliverance? Your mommy prob didnt let you.

    Also, Im expecting this movie to be shit even still, like I said in my blog, which you should try to read in its entirety, I state I have high hopes, but fear the worst.

    Your just mad because when I write, I know about the material that I am writing about, and you are just running your mouth about nonsense.

    Do you watch wrestling? I bet if you do you are a John Cena fan. You seem like the type. Doesn't know shit about anything but acts like they do.

  5. Actually, the internet doesnt tell me to hate John Cena, me being a fan of WRESTLING having to watch some shmuck hop around the ring like a retard tells me to hate John Cena. I knew you were a Cena fan. ROFLWAFFLES @ YOU

  6. John Cena is a twat.

    I generally like Twat.

    Therefore by default I like John Cena.


  7. I really haveno opinion yet on this Transformers battle. I grew up right in the middle of the Transformers era, and thought they were cool and dabbled a bit with the toys and cartoon, but GI Joe, He-Man, and Wrestling occupied most of my time. So i cannot comment as an ultra die hard fan of transformers, but from what i see, the movie looks descent so far. I'm no expert on movies, just more of your normal fan who likes all the old school stuff going on. I hope its awesome, but stuff like this does seem to be bad more often than not. Lets hope everyone is pleased with what we get, but either way i look forward to the reviews here on this blog. Keep up the insightful differences of opinions, great reads!

  8. Its been confirmed that Dino-bots will appear in Transformers. =)