Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I saw too many horror movies and listen to too much death metal so.....

Im gonna go kill a bunch of people.

Columbine, Virginia Tech, multiple other school shootings, and murders, and crimes that happen in the world. The very first thing that people blame, is movies and music. Why? Because the killers listend to Marilyn Manson, and watched horror movies, or The Matrix. In the words of Lex Luthor in Superman Returns....


So this is directed at the retards that blame movies and music. Movies and Music have ZERO to do with this shit. Its called being fucking CRAZY. I listen to metal, I watch TONS of horror movies, and Im not out killing people, neither are the millions of other people just like me. In fact, what those things called, HORROR MOVIE CONVENTIONS!

See, at these, its where people that watch horror movies and metal, come and hang out and laugh and have a great time talking about horror movies. Horror movie fans are actually the most friendly talkative people I have ever met. You dont see any Drama Movie Conventions do you?

The people like Dr. Phil that blame movies and music for violence need to get their heads out of their asses and use their shitty brains. If a kid goes out and kills a bunch of kids in schools, the FIRST thing that should be looked it is this magical world called, PARENTS. Its not what these kids watch, or what they listen to that brings them up to be little fucking retard psychos, its how they were raised. If it was movies and music, then MILLIONS of kids in the world would be shooting up and murdering people, but theyre not, why? Because they were raised right. And got a decent head on their shoulders.

Think about this....

Jack The Ripper, one of the most famous serial killers of all time. Killed people in England in 1888. Now lets think for a second. How many horror movies and metal bands were around in 1888. Im going to go with NONE! Non fucking existent. Or how about HITLER? Lets trace back shall we.... The horror movie that started it all, Psycho, was based on a serial killer Ed Gein. How many horror movies and metal do you think Ed Gein watched and listen to? NONE.

Im getting sick and tired of movies and music being blamed for this shit. And its time that people need to grow the fuck up, open their god damn eyes, and say whats really going on. Parents, raise your kids right please, dont be complete fuck ups. People are always worried about laws against drinking, and gambling, and well Im gonna steal from Keaunu Reeves in Parenthood with this, cause it makes alot of sense. "You need a licence to drive, hell you even need a licence to fish, but theyll let any ol asshole but a parent." They should make a law stating if you are a fucking moron and have a kid, that kid should go to a suitable family until you can get your shit together. I know they have something somewhat like this, but get a little tougher.

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  1. Agreed. This is as bad as people taking WWE to court cause some kid RKO'd his sister thru the dining room table. WWE should have to pay cause the kid, or his parents more so are morons. I guess if these people had it their way, there would be no cartoons like Ninja Turtles because the kids might karate kick each other in the face, or no movies at all because who KNOWS what they might get "Told" to do from a movie. Ah well, they should own up to their own parenting mistakes. The End.